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Catfishing Tips and Techniques

Buzzle Staff
Hunting and fishing are some of the favorite leisure activities for many people. Nowadays, catfishing has gained tremendous popularity. Here are some tips and techniques of catfishing.
Catfish prefer still water for breeding. Unlike other fish, they like to stay at the bottom of the water body. On an average, a catfish has a body weight of ten to 15 pounds, but some of them can weigh around 50 pounds. So be prepared when you go for catfishing. Catfish is very alert, and is easily distracted by light and sound.

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Where to Look for Catfish

Catfish can be found abundantly during the nighttime, so it is advisable to try fishing in the dark. Since catfish are very alert, make sure you do not distract them with light or sound. You should keep many rigs with you when you are out for catfishing. You should try the river bed first; there is a better possibility of catching catfish there.
Ensure that the bait is not lying on the river bed; it should be slightly above the river bed. Catfish does not strike like other fish, so you have to wait for the fish to have its bait, and then fix the hook.
Let the bait sink to the bottom level of the water body. Slightly move it to the next level, after some time. This way you can slowly move the bait upwards, till you find your catch. Ensure that you do not make any noise that will distract them away from the hook. You can also use many rigs at different levels; this will reduce the time of fishing.
Mostly catfish are small and are easily manageable, but sometimes they can be really big and give a tough fight. So be prepared for that, before you start pulling your hook.

Catfishing Techniques

It is better to move to the middle of a lake or a pond, which is the ideal place for catfishing. Use fresh fish as bait for catfish. You can catch some fish right there, and cut them into small pieces.
Once your bait is ready, slowly drop in the hook along with the bait, in the direction of the current. Make sure that the string is tight and you can feel unusual movements of the hook. Distinguish between the normal and unusual movements of the hook.
Once you sense the tugging movements of the string, wait for 10 seconds and start winding your fishing rod.
Helpful Tips: Nighttime is best for catfishing, if you want to catch some big, fat fish. Use cut fresh fish as bait. You may also use fish pieces, but avoid the tail parts. Use the head or stomach parts. You may also put some pieces of freshly cut fish in the water around your hook, as this will attract catfish.