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Methods to Tie a Clove Hitch Knot

Amruta Deshpande
Also known as the builders hitch, the clove hitch knot is used in various ways. This information explains what this knot is and how to tie one.

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The clove hitch knot is also known as builders hitch, H-knot, and X-knot. It is often used in camping, rock climbing, and boating. These knots can be used to secure a rope to a cylindrical object like a tree, pole, or pipe.

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It is made up of two half hitches that are made around an object. It can be used for attaching a rope to the carabiner while climbing or mountaineering.
However, this knot has chances of slipping off when loaded, so care should be taken to prevent it from loosening.
Clove hitches are not difficult. There are different methods of tying these knots. They can be tied anywhere on the rope, and can be done with only one hand.

With the Rope End

All you need is a length of rope and something to tie the knot to, such as a pole, post, or even a ring.

Step 1: Form a loop with one end of the rope around the object you want to hitch to, let us take a pole for example.
Step 2: Make sure that the working end of the rope is on top. Now run the working end of the rope around the pole until you meet the place where the ropes cross each other. Hold the two ends with your hands, and cross the end in your right hand over the end of the rope that is in your left hand that you form an 'X' with the two ends of the rope.
Step 3: Now, pass the working end (the end in your right hand) under the cross. Pull both the ends to tighten, and your knot is done.

With Two Loops

This type of clove hitch knot can be tied anywhere on the rope as it does not require the rope end.

Step 1: Make a single loop in the rope.

Step 2: Now make another identical loop to the right of the first loop.
Step 3: Bring the two loops close together and place the right loop on top of the left loop.

Step 4: You can either clip both the loops to a carabiner or place the two loops over a pole.

Step 5: Pull the rope ends to tighten the knot and you are done.

One Handed Knot

Step 1: Clip the rope running from the harness to a carabiner in such a way that the harness end lies in front of the carabiner.

Step 2: Hold the other portion of the rope with your wrist facing down, then turn your wrist to face it up. You will notice that a loop is formed around it. In a similar way, form another loop.
Step 3: Now, clip the loops into the carabiner near the rope that was clipped earlier. Pull the rope to tighten the knot and you've made a one-handed knot.
The technique of tying knots can be mastered with practice. With time you'll be able to do multiple knots with just one hand.