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Cool Skateboard Tricks

Rahul Thadani
Here are a few skateboard tricks that are easy to do, and look impressive at the same time. The key to executing them properly is to be confident, and to practice them properly.
Skateboarding has been a great hobby for many years, and is very fulfilling if you are able to pull off some cool tricks. Some of these tricks are simple to learn, and some are complicated and difficult, but at the end of the day they're all worth the time and effort.
It must be mentioned that learning some of these tricks is dangerous, as falls from a skateboard are quite common and are usually quite painful.

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Attempting to do the tricks that you have never tried before inevitably means that you may have to face more than a few falls and stumbles. It is important to wear a helmet and miscellaneous protective equipment when skateboarding.

Skateboard Tricks You Can Learn

Given here are some tricks that can be performed pretty much anywhere. There are no obstacles or ramps required, and all you need is your skateboard and some space to maneuver it in.


This is the most basic trick, and proves useful in order to learn many other advanced tricks as well. Anyone teaching you the tricks will always emphasize the importance of the ollie. Place both your feet shoulder-width apart on the board.

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Now, push the back foot to the tail of the board and press downwards, while ensuring that it does not touch the ground. Jump up into the air. When in the air, straighten out the board horizontally by moving your front foot to the front edge of the board.
This will ensure your back foot also stays in contact with the board. Be prepared for the landing, and adjust your knees to absorb the impact. After practicing it a few times, you will be able to balance yourself after an ollie.

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Once you have learned how to ollie, you can try different variations to the trick. One such trick is the shifty. When you attempt an ollie, you can turn 180 degrees in the air.
The shifty is a move where you turn only 90 degrees. The appearance of this trick depends on your skills, and you can make it look goofy and funny, or sophisticated and classy.

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Walking With the Board

This is a very simple trick to do, and every skater can carry it out with minimum fuss and effort. Stand on the board with one foot on the front edge and the other foot on the back edge. Now push the front foot down so that the tail rises up and makes a 45-degree angle turn.
Now, do the same with the back foot. When done quickly in succession, it gives the impression that one is walking with the skateboard. Admittedly, this is not a very difficult trick, but it can really amuse spectators if done correctly.

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Once you have managed to do these simple tricks, you can attempt some complicated and risky ones as well. Trying to pull off some fancy tricks without practice or experience, just to impress people is not advisable, especially if it is done without the proper safety gear.