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Cute Sleeping Bags for Girls

Tulika Nair
Your daughter is having her first sleepover and she wants to buy a sleeping bag. Well, you are going to be ruined for choice because there are many options for cute sleeping bags available in the market.
The first sleepover can be a cause for great excitement. For most girls, this is when they are establishing lifelong friendships and it is important that everything be perfect. From the pyjamas that they wear to the sleeping bag that they possess, everything is given equal importance.
Your daughter wants a sleeping bag that reflects her individuality and her preferences. We tell you how to pick sleeping bags for your daughter.

Choosing Sleeping Bags for Girls

While your daughter may want to pick the sleeping bag according to the color and the pattern on it, there are several important things to pay attention to while buying a sleeping bag. Here, we tell you how to choose sleeping bags for girls. Just follow these simple tips to buy sleeping bags for kids.
➼ The first thing to decide on is the shape of the sleeping bag. Sleeping bags come in three different shapes, Mummy style, Rectangular, and Semi-rectangular.
➼ If you are looking for a sleeping bag that will give you high insulation and protection from col, then opt for a Mummy style which is also lighter and not as bulky.
➼ Rectangular sleeping bags are heavier and do not protect you from cold as much, but they do allow for more space, and can be easily unzipped to be used as a blanket.
➼ If you are looking for an option that is somewhere between the two options, then choose a semi-rectangular sleeping bag which is not as heavy and also provides you with more space.
➼ You also need to ensure that you buy a sleeping bag that allows you to breathe easy and is water resistant. Nowadays, you can also avail of sleeping bags that are more resistant to wear and tear due to the pattern in which they have been stitched. Durability is of utmost importance while picking out sleeping bags.
➼ Opt for sleeping bags in fabrics that are not very tough but are comfortable and soft. Even if it is not being used for hiking out, comfort is of prime importance.

➼ Try and pick sleeping bags that can be washed in the washing machines easily. It may be a good idea to opt for sleeping bags that come with a removable lining as it makes it easier to clean.
➼ The positioning of the zipper is also important. With some sleeping bags, due to side zippers, it is possible to open up the sleeping bag completely, but if there is a central zip, then this may not be a possibility.

➼ It is important to buy a sleeping bag that is perfect in size. Buy one that will last her for a couple of years.
Now that you know how to choose sleeping bags for your little princess, let us take a look at the designs for cute sleeping bags that are available in the market.

Designs for Sleeping Bags for Girls

Today though, there are many more options for girls to pick from. From more girl like colors like pink and purple to designs that feature princesses and fairies and even characters from different movie franchises, the options are endless.

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Sleeping bags for hiking outdoors come in a variety of colors, but may not have as many characters on them, but if you are looking for sleeping bags that can be used endless, then there are endless options.
It may be a good idea to always take your daughter along while picking out a sleeping bag. While you may think that you know what she wants, sometimes their picks vary from what you wanted to pick out. While older girls may pick sleeping bags in varied colors like purple, pink or blue, younger girls may prefer with angels and princesses featured on it.
Picking out sleeping bags for girls is very easy, thanks to the sheer variety that is available in the market. Just take your little girl to the neighborhood mall and you are sure to find one that she completely adores and cannot wait to flaunt at her sleepover.