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Different Types of Fishing Hooks

Rimlee Bhuyan
If you are going for fishing, you must know the methods and equipments. Fishing hooks are the main elements and here we take a look at the different fishing hooks.
If you are going fishing for the first time, then you must be very excited at the prospect of reeling in your first catch. You must have read a lot of manuals on "how to catch fish" and heard numerous advice from friends about the best technique for catching a fish.

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But are you knowledgeable about the equipment or fishing gear that you have with you for fishing? One of the most important tool for fishing is the fishhook.

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For a novice angler, all fishhooks might look the same and they might not recognize the advantage of using different fish hooks for catching different types of fish. But a seasoned angler knows that to lure in a fish, you need the right fishing hook.
There are many different varieties of fishing hooks that are used for fishing. The success of your fishing venture will depend on whether you have selected the right fishing hook for catching a particular fish species.

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During ancient times, fish hooks were crafted with animal and human bones, wood and stone. Nowadays, they are made with high carbon steel or alloyed steel.
All fish hooks whatever its shape or size, consists of a pointed end called the point that impales the flesh of the fish, the eye which forms the end of the fishing hook and theĀ barb which is a rounded part of the hook that prevents the fish from falling out of the hook.

Types of Fishing Hooks

Single J Hook

Perhaps one of the most common fishing hooks that is used extensively for fishing is the single J hook. It has a wider gap between the point and the shank of the hook.
This type of hook features a shorter shank. Because of the wider gap of this type of hooks, the single J hook is excellent for hooking in bait of a larger size.

Aberdeen Hook

One of the simplest hook that is used by many anglers is the Aberdeen fishing hook. It is fashioned out of a thin wire and it has a long shank with a small eye.
As the hook is made from a thin wire, it bends quite easily. Aberdeen hooks are best used for smaller fish like mullet and panfish.

Circle Hooks

A circle hook, as the name implies, is a circular shaped hook that impales the fish on the lips at the corner of the mouth. A circular fishing hook has a larger bend and shank size as compared to a single J hook.
A great amount of technique is required to catch a fish with a circle hook as the wrong technique will result in the hook being pulled out from the fish.

Double Hooks

Double fishing hooks are not too common hooks and they are traditionally used for catching Atlantic salmon.
It consists of two single hooks that are brazed together to form two shanks and two points. They have only one common eye and they are generally part of an artificial lure.

Treble Hooks

Treble hooks find wide application in catching a variety of fish. It consists of three single hooks that are forged together to form a treble hook with a single eye.

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All the three shanks of the treble hook are evenly spaced. Since a treble hook consists of three shanks with three points for impaling a fish, it increases the chances of hooking a fish.

Barb Hook

A barb hook also known as the bait holder hook has tiny barbs on the shank of the hook. These upward pointing barbs on the shank, prevents the bait/fish from sliding out of the hook.
Different kinds of fishing hooks should be used depending upon the species of fish that you wish to catch, the kind of bait you are using and whether you are going for saltwater or freshwater fishing. You also need to get the right sized fishing hook to land a good haul. Happy fishing!