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Different Types of Fishing Lures

Bhakti Satalkar
Fishing lures come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. It is very important to choose the right lure while fishing to catch as many fish as possible. Learn about the different types of fishing lures and their unique features.

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Fishing lures are objects designed to look and move like real fish and attached to the end of a fishing line. Live fish mistake them for prey and are caught on hooks when they try to feed on them.
These lures are even designed to move like fish; they're nothing but fishing bait. Some come with single or double hooks, while some come with even triple hooks. There are different types of fishing lures, each having a purpose of its own. Let's have a look at all of them.


These are the most commonly used fishing lures. They resemble a hook, where the lead head is opposite to the sharp tip.
Normally, minnow, craw fish, or plastic worms are attached to the hook to attract the fish. If you are using this lure, then you will have to ensure that the rod is moved at regular intervals, so that the jig moves.


Crankbaits are best when you go trout fishing. Sometimes, they are also referred to as plugs. With the slightest shake, they make several movements in water. They are often unstable as they have a scoop placed under the head.


If you plan to go perch fishing, then spoon lures, also known as jigging spoons, are your best option. They look like the inside of a tablespoon.
These lures flash when they come in contact with light, and wobble as well as dart due to their shape. This wobbling and darting helps in attracting fish. They are also inexpensive compared to the rest of the lot.

Surface Lures

Also known as top layer lures or poppers, these float on the water surface, resembling prey that usually swims close to the surface. The fish have to sometimes sprint out of water to catch this lure. These are your best option when you're fishing in a water body that has lot of weed; there is also no problem of them getting entangled in the plants.


These lures cover a large area of water and are able to attract fish such as bass very easily.
They have a blade which rotates once in water. This rotation creates an illusion of fish scales. You can also reduce the speed of these lures, so that they resemble an injured fish.

Soft Lures

These are made from soft rubber and resemble long worms, frogs, or other fish. They can be used with jig lures as well; however, move the lures at regular intervals to ensure that fish are attracted to them.

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If you are going sport fishing, then you can use soft plastic lures shaped like flies or fish. For fly fishing, you can use poppers and flies as well, as these lures are often on the surface of the water. However, it is only with experience that you will be able to choose the right fishing lures.