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Dirt Bike Gear for Kids

Arjun Kulkarni
Dirt biking has caught the fancy of the young and the not-so-young! If you've seen how the sport is, you'll know the need for quality safety gear, especially for the new, inexperienced kids.
Dirt biking has become one of the most ultimate sports among those who can afford it. While some have to make do with computer games like Motocross Madness, there are other kids out there doing the real stuff.
Most kids get started real early and hope to become professionals in the sport. But it is important to ensure that they wear the equipment before they take the plunge into the world of dirt bike racing.

What is a Dirt Bike?

A dirt bike is especially designed so that it can ride the toughest terrains. To facilitate this, a dirt bike is well-equipped. It has special suspensions that can take on the bumpiest of roads; special rugged tires that can withstand the worst riding conditions, and better handling to turn the toughest corners.
Professional dirt bike racing involves riding in tough conditions including mountainous terrains and sandy deserts. Needless to say that this sport poses a unique challenge. Today, the dirt bike racing mania has reached such a crescendo that even the kids are taking it on!
If you look around, you will see quite a few kids riding on them like there is no tomorrow. But this sport is a challenging form of riding and there are many accidents associated with it. Hence, safety becomes the primary concern.

Safety Gear Checklist

They may be specially designed for kids, but still reach pretty high speeds. So, there may be a chance of an accident. Many unassuming professionals have been thrown off by the dirt bike. Hence, the most important part of biking is to ensure child safety by wearing all the safety equipment required for biking.


When you say biking, the first thing that comes to the mind is helmets.Helmets for dirt biking are really tough ones and can withstand most falls. The head is undoubtedly the most important part that needs to be protected.
Hence it is essential that you buy your kid a good helmet and ensures that he wears it on his rides. The most commonly used helmets are made by Arai, Bell, Fox Racing, and Shoei.


Like most forms of racing, dirt bike racing too has its own special apparel. Kids apparels keep the body protected from the risky racing conditions that riders have to face. Most apparels also have padding to minimize the impact due to accidents. Make sure that the motorcycle jacket has the neck support and wrist support.
Apart from all this, it is still essential that your child wears extra pads on the knees and elbows, specifically to ensure that in case of a fall, there is minimum to no damage to the joints. The hands may get hurt in an accident or there may be blistering. Hence it is essential that the hands remain protected by wearing appropriate gloves.
Helmets aside, the dirt biker also has to wear special goggles. While driving in the sandy terrain, there may be some particles of sand that may go into the eyes as most helmets do not have a visor. Hence the eyes remain protected with the goggles.


And the last part of the gear is the boots. Dirt biking boots are made of insulated material. They cover your feet along with the ankles and prevent any damage to the feet that may occur through an accident.
Thus, when your child enters the world of dirt bikes, make sure that he is equipped with all the required gear. Racing may be an adrenaline pumping sport, but make sure that your child is well-prepared to deal with any mishap. Remember the safety tip - 'better safe than sorry'.