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How to Make a Camping Shower

Shashank Nakate
Using camp shower for outings adds to the comfort of campers. Let us understand the process that is simple and yet inexpensive.
To take along an outdoor shower is a nice idea to make a camp more comfortable. To keep clean during a camp, is a challenge in itself.
Nowadays, there are many companies that offer ready-made products for such events. However, preparing it on your own is fun and also saves money. It is easy to make and doesn't need much investment on the part of the camper.

How to Make it?

The materials required are eight 3-way connectors, 5 pieces of 5-feet PVC pipes, 9 pieces of 1-foot PVC pipes, a drill, garden hose, a bucket, a 4 by 6 feet plastic tarp, and tie backs.
The first step is to create a square by connecting 4 one-foot pipes and 4 three-way connectors together. Using the procedure mentioned here, a top and base of the shower is created. With the help of 5-feet PVC pipes, the sides are made.
Thus, the basic frame is created. The plastic tarp is wrapped around the frame for the purpose of covering it. The tie backs are used to connect the tarp to the frame of the camp shower.

Do It Yourself

One can make cold-water as well as warm-water showers for camping. The materials required to make a cold-water shower are 10 feet rubber medical tubing,1-gallon pump spray bottle, heavy duty rubber bands, knife, and a rope if needed.

Cold-Water Shower

The hose that is connected to the bottle should be cut with the help of a knife. The other end of the hose, which is connected to a spray nozzle should also be cut. The purpose behind cutting off the hose is to replace it with the rubber medical tubing.
The rubber tubing should thus, be fitted to both the nozzle and the bottle. The heavy duty rubber bands should be wrapped at the points, where the tubing is fitted. Aquarium sealant or duct tape can be used instead of rubber bands. Water should be filled in the bottle and pumped by means of the spray nozzle.
The connections where the tubing meets the bottle and nozzle, should be checked for leakage. If there are any leakages, the rubber bands should be readjusted. The completion of the given steps makes the camp shower ready for use.

Warm-Water Shower

To make a warm-water shower is easy but needs dry and sunny weather to help heat the water naturally. One can also use a stove or pot to heat the water and then pour it in the 1-gallon bottle. The rest of the process is same as that of the cold-water shower.

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Proper planning and gathering the required materials would help in building a nice camp shower.