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Everything About How to Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Ketki Dongare
Those seeking for an adventure amid the touristy places of Sydney, like the Opera House, and the beautiful harbour, are in for a treat. What is a cultural symbol of Australia, and a heritage site, climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, is a perfect thrilling quest, that one must fulfil.

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The Bridge

Opened in 1932, the bridge's steel arch, standing tall at 134 meters above the harbour, is the largest steel arch in the world.

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Get the best views of Sydney and the harbour, as you make your way to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge arch.

Distance of the Climb

The steel stairways, nearly 1300 steps, lead you to the top of the arch, 134 meters(i.e. 440 ft) soaring above the sea level, into the open sky.

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Climb the Iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge with BridgeClimb

BridgeClimb Offers Different Types of Climbing

Not at all arduous, the climb is the easiest of all, and climbers can choose from various options suitable to their fitness level.

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Ascent to the summit with BridgeClimb and BridgeClimb Express, the most popular climbing options.
On this 3.5 hours long - back and forth journey, the climbs are successfully operated under the climb leader's supervision.

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Views from the Climb

As thrilling as it is, climbing the steel stairways, the spectacular views that you soak up on the way are worth all the time and energy.

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The glittering bridge in the night sky, shimmering waters, and cool windy breeze, you can climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge at night for a magical panoramic view of the sparkling city lights.

Pre-Climb Preparation

Come prepared for the Climb, with proper meals and well hydrated body, as the climb time ranges from morning to late evenings.
Know who can climb the Bridge Climb?
Anyone above 8 years, can go for the climb, while being accompanied by an adult. As the climb is not strenuous, those somewhat fit can also make the journey to the top.
Carry the things that are absolutely necessary to the Bridge Climb, as you are not allowed to take a single piece of object with you or on you, during the Climb.

Free lockers are provided at the base facility, to keep your essentials safe, like cell phones, cameras, watches, purse, wallets, and more.

Safety Measures to Be Taken During the Climb

Comfortable clothing, good hiking shoes or sneakers, and sunglasses is all you need to bring. The rest is provided by BridgeClimb - a well fitted jumpsuit, gloves, and all the necessary safety gears.
During the climb, every climber is harnessed to the stairway with guardrails, and an effective indoor practice session is provided before the actual climb begins.

The climb leader keeps everyone well informed throughout the trip, of all the interesting facts about the Bridge.

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As you are not allowed to bring cell phones, or cameras, for safety reasons, the climb leader ensures to capture the moments for you, and you also receive the photograph as a memento at the end of your climb.

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The Experience of Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Take on the once-in-a-lifetime experience to climb up the bridge, witness the stunning Sydney city skyline from the top, and give thrill a whole new definition.