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Explore Skydiving in and Around San Diego

Aishwarya Swamy
Sky diving has been a popular adventure sport among thrill seekers.
And the stunning landscape of San Diego will make your free falling even more fun.
So, lets take a plunge into some places you can try!
They offer more than there is to skydiving, and have curated a complete start to finish experience.
Pacific Coast Skydiving
Their flight to skydiving covers views of some stunning destinations in San Diego like the Imperial Beach, Coronado Bridge, Coronado Island & Downtown San Diego.
Also giving a glimpse of Mexico.
After free falling at 120 mph, a Canopy ride awaits you for a serene descend down to the landing area.
Skydive San Diego
Apart from skydiving enthusiasts, the facility is also used by The Navy Parachute Team for their trainings.
Here, you can feel the thrill for about 1 minute long as you dive down 13,000 ft.
Then ending with a Parachute ride, as you breathe in, the scenic views of The Pacific Ocean & Baja California.
They cater exclusively to Coastal Skydiving.
GoJump Oceanside
Jumpers can enjoy views of San Diego to the South and views of Catalina Island & Dana Point to the North.
Their complimentary souvenir “2 Much Fun”, a comic book will be sure to remind you of your delightful experience.
No matter which place you try, the beauty of San Diego will surely leave you with an enjoyable Skydiving experience.