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Extreme Sports Adrenaline Rush

Parys Skydiver
Skydiving is, without doubt, an adrenaline rush that only extreme sports fans will ever experience.

Free or freeze

The aircraft reaches 10,000ft AGL (above ground level) and skydivers prepare to jump.

A leap of faith

It takes a leap of faith to fling your body into the abyss with only a thin nylon string on which to rely to open your chute.

Parys promises premier skydiving experience

Skydive Parys offers adrenaline junkies a premier skydiving experience whether they are newbies, first-timers or experienced jumpers.
If you are a newbie, you can learn the art of skydiving from experienced and highly trained instructors. You will be ready for your first jump in less than an hour!



Now that you have learned the basics, you can take your first leap of faith, jumping in tandem with an experienced instructor.

Experienced skydivers

Skydive Parys offers experienced skydivers guaranteed jumps from between 10,000ft and 15,000ft AGL.

World Heritage site

Situated within the Vredefort Dome Heritage site in the northern Free State, thousands of adrenaline junkies flock to Parys Skydiving to experience this thrilling bird’s-eye view first hand.

SA adventure capital

Parys is recognised as the country’s adventure capital. The town lies within the Vaal triangle, attracting thousands of thrill-seekers from near-lying Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Mecca of extreme sports

Apart from skydiving, Parys offers a mouth-watering adrenaline junkie menu of activities such as abseiling, hot air ballooning, mountain biking, paintballing, quad biking, river rafting and zip-lining.