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Different Types of Fishing Gear

Kashmira Lad
Enthusiasts who are about to explore fishing as a sport would need to equip themselves with some knowledge about the right kind of gear. Read on to know more about the various types of fishing gear available.

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Everybody at one point would want to take a day off and go fishing like Huckleberry Finn. Who wouldn't want to lead a carefree life in a gorgeous countryside. Well, for some, fishing is a profession and for others it is a hobby.
Before you begin fishing, you would obviously need the right kind of gear. Of course, not everybody is talented enough to bait fish easily without much effort like good ol' Huckleberry Finn. Take a look at the various types of fishing gear mentioned here are available to help you go about the process with ease.

Fishing Rod

This is a kind of a rod or a pole that is used to catch fish. This is also known as the fishing pole. Here, a fishing line is attached to a long rod or a pole. This pole is flexible and one end has a hook attached.
There is bait that is attached to one end of the pole. Such fishing poles are found in varied lengths and sizes as well. A fishing rod is generally a modified and a better version of the fishing pole.
There are various types of fishing rods available. Let us take a look at some of the common varieties being used.

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Fly Rods: These rods are also available in a variety of lengths and are very flexible. Here, rods are designed as per the fish that is to be caught and even the weather conditions. Fly rods are made of carbon graphite. Many such fly rods do not really have a handle or if it is present, it is very small in size.

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Light Fishing Rods: Such rods are used to bait fish that are small in size. These rods are very short in length and also light in weight as compared to normal rods.
These also have the capacity of using bait that is very light, such as worms or even flies. These rods are used to mainly catch trout, panfish, bass, and bluegill.

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Spinning Rods: The close face spinning rod has a push button to operate it. You can go in for the open face kind after you have mastered the use of a close face-spinning rod.
Spinning rods have very large diameter guides. This helps one to control the line in a better manner. Spinning rods are used for catching trout, walleye, etc.
Bait Casting Rod: These have a straight handle or a pistol grip. Here, the casting reel and the line guides are kept on top of the rod.

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Fishing Reels

Fishing reels have been used mainly in the recreation sport of angling. One of the earliest mentions of the fishing reel has been seen in ancient Chinese paintings, which was around 1195 AD. There are various types of fishing reels available as well.
The Centrepin reel is rather simple in its structure. Such reels are mainly used for fly-fishing. The spin cast reel has an external case that is used to protect the spool. When the spin cast reel is affixed with a spool, it becomes easier to cast lighter bait.

Fishing Bait

Fishing bait is a vital aspect of fishing gear. It is an object that is attached to one end of a fishing reel. This is the end that is cast into the water to catch the attention of the fish. When a person uses bait, it is only to attract a fish with the help of the movement of the bait.
There are many varieties of bait available as well. It is good to have the previously mentioned gear when you go fishing, as it will make it much easier. In addition to these, people serious about the sport, and those who do it for a living may have many more pieces of advanced gear to help them. For beginners, the mentioned are more than enough.