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How to Repair a Fishing Pole

Omkar Phatak
Fishing is one of the most widespread activities around the world. The tool of fishing aficionados is the pole. Here is all about repairing them.

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Fishing is perhaps the most ancient of man's activities. Since time immemorial, people have been fishing for food. For some, it is a way of life and some fish for the pleasure of it. You put the bait, throw the line and then meditate. There is something very satisfying about it.
The tool of the small time fisherman is the fishing rod. Many times, due to mishandling or going after too big a fish, the pole breaks.
Choosing a pole is like choosing a golf club. Choose one, to the distance to which you want to hit the golf ball, the angle, and the power needed. Similarly, choose a pole, according to what kind of fish you are going after and where you are fishing. This is what is going to decide, how tough and robust a pole you require. Get well acquainted with its setup.

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The poles are thrown in the fishing field, once they are broken. You need not throw it away, if it's broken. Its repair is possible.
Nowadays, even repair kits are available, which let you easily mend the rod in the field. It is an essential skill which must be mastered by every person. After all, one must know how to repair the tools of his trade.

Tools Required

The tools and spare parts required for the repair are as follows:

✦ Ferrules
✦ Spare Guid
✦ Trimmer
✦ Spare String

Repairing Technique

Here, we have explained the procedure for repair, according to the kind of damage that is caused.

Broken Rod

It often happens that the fishing pole's rod snaps under high tension. By using ferrules, you can mend the rod. First of all, trim the ends of the rod. Place the ferrule, exactly in between the break square of the two pieces. That is, cement one end of the ferrule to the top broken part and the other to the bottom broken part.

Broken Guide

There may be instances, when your guide breaks. Do not worry, as spare guides are available at any sports goods store. Retie the new guide at the place, where the old guide was. You may have to change the string, along with the guide.
Before doing this, you have to remove the old guide and string from the pole. Once you are done with fixing the new guide and string, then apply a coat of lacquer on the string, to cure it.

Broken Tip

Sometimes, it also happens that the tip breaks, due to rough handling. You can restore the broken tip easily, by trimming the rod square end and cementing a new tip, which is easily available at any hardware store. Make sure that the tip is properly aligned with the array of other guides.
Hope this short account helps you out and the pole damage does not interrupt your fishing experience.