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Packing the Right Food for Your Camping Trip

Arjun Kulkarni
One of the basic things that you need to keep in mind while packing for a camping trip is to have all the food supplies in place. After all, a camping trip will take a lot out of you, and you need to have nourishing food to get you up and ready for the next part of the trip!
Camping is fun isn't it? Hiking in the woods, the fresh oxygen, getting away from the city life ... It is about freedom and living on the wild side. However, it is important to carry the right food with you so that it is a more enjoyable experience.
If you don't carry the right food with you, the life at the camp will tire you out, and it won't be fun anymore. Hence, before you leave for that all exciting trip, it is essential that you know what food to carry along with you.
Let's get the basic things straight. In order to live tough, you need to eat tough. Say goodbye to all the junk food at least for the duration of the camp. What you need is food, which is easy to digest and gives the maximum amount of energy, and not food containing unnecessary amount of sugar and salt on your camping checklist. So, no chips and sodas!

Packing the Right Food

Like we said, while packing the food, you need to keep its nutritive value in mind. You also need to make sure that the food does not get spoiled over the duration of the camp. So, we suggest that you carry a stock of frozen, dehydrated foods along with you. Dehydrated foods have no water, and hence last for quite a long time.
And you can also just hold a frozen piece of meat over a fire and eat it! Also, maximize the prepackaged foods, as you don't have to go through the trouble of packing it again. Packing food for a camping trip is very important, as you might not find a grocery store on your trails.
So, make sure you keep all things in mind while packing. Also, make sure that you pack it securely. It may be all the supplies you have over the camp and you don't want a spillage. Carry all these packed foods, and you are good to go!

Easy Camping Food

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Now, you know what is the basic formula for deciding what food to carry. Healthy, easy to pack, and not easily spoiled. Camping food recipes should be easy and fast.


Ideally a breakfast should be hot. After a cold night in the woods, it is essential to get the body warmed up for a day of intense activity. The breakfast should be a big meal, which will fuel you even if you have to eat lunch a bit late.

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Here are some breakfast foods for the camping trip.
✦ Cereal
✦ Eggs
✦ Bacon 
✦ Powdered Milk or Dairy Whitener
✦ Tea or Coffee
✦ Dried Fruits
✦ Nuts
✦ Oat Porridge
✦ English Muffins


You can afford to go a bit cold on the lunch. Hiking and other activities will warm up your body considerably, and you really do not need a hot lunch. Do not overeat your lunch, or you'll feel sleepy and miss out on all the camping fun!
Here are some lunch foods for the camping trip.
✦ Bread
✦ Pita
✦ Jams
✦ Hummus
✦ Salmon Spread

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✦ Butter
✦ Cheese
✦ Pepperoni
✦ Tuna
✦ Cheese Sticks


It is difficult to stay warm at night when camping, so you need a warm dinner. Dinner food should be such that it can be cooked on a fire with minimum condiments.
Here are some dinner camping food ideas.
✦ Prepared Pesto Sauce
✦ Instant Noodles
✦ Pre-cooked Sausages
✦ Instant Rice
✦ Frozen Meat
✦ Fresh Vegetables (available locally or on trail)
✦ Instant Soup Mix (tomato or sweet corn)
✦ Beef Chunks
✦ Sun-dried Tomatoes
✦ Dried Prunes
✦ Beef Stew
✦ Beef Jerky
✦ Ground Turkey
✦ Frozen, Ready-to-Cook Chicken
✦ Mushrooms
✦ Cornmeal

Other Camping Trip Food

✦ Ketchup
✦ Pickles
✦ Biscuits
✦ Cookies
✦ Sauces
✦ Energy Drinks
✦ Lemons
Thus, you can see that there is so much food which you can carry. Just remember not to carry anything that is unhealthy or can be spoiled easily. Have a good trip!