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Fun Camp Games

Megha Tiwari
Fun games are the main attraction of camping that fascinates kids. Read ahead to get an idea about a few games that might make your camping activity more interesting.

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Camping is one of the most liked outdoor recreational activities in the summers. Summer camps give kids an opportunity to explore the outside world, and live in a different world for a few days.
But just watching a bonfire and relishing food might make camps boring. So why not plan for some interesting games to make it more memorable for them? These games help the kids learn teamwork and develop confidence.

Games to Play While Camping

Look Up - Look Down

For this simple and interesting game, the kids should be divided into groups of 12-20, and a facilitator should be appointed. Ask all the players to stand in a tight circle. Initially, all the participants should be looking down. The facilitator will instruct the group to either 'look-up' or 'look-down', as per his choice.
When the facilitator yells 'look-up', the participants have to look at each other, and once they look at someone, they have to become still (the players cannot change their direction of sight until the next instruction).
If they look into the other player's eyes, then they have to shout at the top of their voice, and the one who shouts last will be out of the game. Repeat this until only two players are left. To decide a winner among the two finalists, a tug of war can be organized.

Popping Balloons

This game requires one balloon for each participant. Before the game begins, the balloons should be inflated by the players and tied to their ankles with a string.
The length of the string should not be more than one foot. The appointed facilitator should make it a point that he marks a bounded area for the players. Once the players are ready with the balloon tied at their ankles, ask them to pop the balloons of other players with the help of their feet.
They should not forget to protect their own balloon as well. The player whose balloon has been popped should leave the field. The one who survives with the balloon till the end is declared the winner.

Games for Older Kids to Play

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For the youth, the main aim of camping is to develop a sense of teamwork in them. Here are some outdoor team building games to play during camps. Apart from learning, these games are a great source of enjoyment as well.


Before starting the game, collect few things that are large in size (the rucksacks of the campers can be used). Divide the participants of the camp into two teams. Define an area for the game, and scatter obstacles in that area. Imagine the area to be a river, and ask the members of one of the teams to become lighthouses in between the obstacles.
Blindfold a member (the boat) of the other team, and leave him at the bank of the imaginary river. Now, the task is to direct the boat to cross the river.
The instructions are to be given by the members of the 2nd team, by just yelling the direction (east-west-north-south-left-right-back-front). The time taken to cross the river is noted down by the facilitator. The team that finishes first is the winner.

Apple Balancing

Divide the players into two teams, and make them stand in two straight lines. Place a chair in front of the two lines at a distance of 10-12 ft away. Keep an apple on the chair, and give a spoon to the first and second player of each team. The task is to fetch the apple.
The apple has to be brought on the spoon and passed on to the next player. One can use hands only for taking the apple from the chair and placing it on the spoon. The team that finishes first gets the apple as a reward.
Outdoor games make camping thrilling and interesting. Make sure that these games are supervised by a facilitator to avoid any kind of mishap. So go ahead and have a gala time!