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Hike the Stunning Trolltunga in Norway

Norway reverberates untouched beauty of nature and unbound love of the locals.
Prerana Jamdarkhana

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Hiking Trolltunga cliff above Lake Ringedalsvatnet in Skjeggedal, is about 27km long and is popular for the prominent rock protruding outward from the cliff.
Fun Fact:
Trolltunga literally means Troll’s tongue.

Hiking Details of Trolltunga

The trail starts at Skjeggedal in the east side of Sørfjorden, Hardanger.

The trail is marked with a red ‘T’ on rocks and other signs along the route.
  • Trolltunga is estimated to have 900 meter elevation gain.
  • Steep cliffs and rocks along the trail can be dangerous at times.
  • Safety cabins are set up along the trail for emergency purposes.

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Estimated Time Required

When on hike to Trolltunga, keep 10-12 hours at hand for a complete experience.

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Hike Difficulty Level

The level of hike is from medium to strenuous. If you are inexperienced, it’s always recommended to approach a tour guide facility.

When to Visit Trolltunga?

The best time to visit Trolltunga is from mid-June to mid-September.

Packing Tips:

A map and a compass can help you be on right track as you cannot rely on phones.
Hiking boots, an extra pair of clothes and waterproof layers are necessary.
Do not forget warm coats, scarves and a cap as it gets cooler when you climb up.

Note :

  • Do not depend on phone maps, as you might face no network coverage.
  • The weather can change unexpectedly. Thus, check the weather forecast before you start your trip.
  • Since the spot is admired by thousands, expect crowd during the season.

At Trolltunga :

  • Always start early in the day to avoid hiking in the dark.
  • The equipments can be bought or rented for the trip.
  • Do not leave any kind of trash on your way.

More Things to Do at Hardangerfjord

  • Check out the Hardanger fiddle and Norwegian symbols; traditional folk costume and embroidery.
  • Ringedals Dam - a gravity dam in Odda.
  • Mountain potholes along the hike trail at Trolltunga.
  • Bite into fresh fruits grown here – apples, pears, plums and cherries.