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Hood River Camping

Loaded with adventure activities, a place where you savor the relaxation in the company of abundant nature.
Meenakshi Sutar

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Popular as the "Windsurfing Capital" of the world, Hood River, Oregon is a must-visit place for hardcore surfers or water lovers who love to watch the kiteboarding, standup paddleboarding, and kayaking.

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With the stunning view of snowy Mt. Hood peak and picturesque scenes around, enjoy skiing and snowboarding here.

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Wahclella Falls

Watching the clear water falling from the height of mountains and listening to its sound would captivate you and make you stay for long.

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Multnomah Falls

This second tallest waterfall in the US is a must-watch during your trip to the Hood River! The 620-foot drop waterfall will make you stunned and simply force you to bow at natures' miracle.

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The Columbia River Highway

Enjoy the most scenic drive on the Columbia River Highway connecting Portland to Hood River. This forms a natural divide between Oregon and Washington state.

Vista House

Situated 730 feet high on the hill above the river, Vista House is a worth visit destination while touring to Hood River. You can enjoy watching incredible picturesque views from this Crown Point.

Indian Creek Golf Course

The Golf lovers should visit this beautiful Golf course having scenic views of Mt Hood and Mt Adams as a backdrop.

RV Park Oregon

Enjoy overnight stay in the RV Park and experience the thrill of watching the sky in the ambiance of dense forest. You will love this adventure.

Campground Mt. Hood Oregon

Camping with friends and family on the scenic campgrounds near Mt Hood is definitely a pleasurable experience. It’s worth spending your weekend here.
Want to test your physical fitness? Enjoy hiking the mountains with scenic views and well-maintained hiking trails.
Spectacular views of waterfalls, the Hood River, and the Mt. Hood will truly enthrall you and energize you. It’s worth taking some time out from the hustle and bustle of the city life and cherish the “Me” time in the company of nature. Isn’t it?