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How to Build a Complete Skateboard

Shrinivas Kanade
Skateboarding, once included in the extreme sports category, is now part of the American sports culture. To know more about how to build a complete skateboard, read the section ahead...

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Today, it is difficult to find a youngster who hasn't heard of skateboarding. Millions of Americans have ridden it at least once, and have enjoyed the freedom of riding, twisting, and performing tricks and stunts with it. If you are interested in building a skateboard on your own, read the following.

Grip Tape

✦ The first step in assembling a skateboard is to apply a grip tape, which is also known as the deck.

✦ Decks are made of laminated plywood, which is molded and shaped maple wood.

✦ Apply the grip tape to the top of your new board. Black grip tape is of high quality and provides reliable traction for the boarder while riding and performing tricks.
✦ The task of applying the grip tape must be handled with care. Flatten the tape against the top, and maintain even pressure along the tape whilst you are removing the sticky backing.

✦ This task is to be handled slowly and deliberately, so as not to trap too much air beneath the tape. While doing this, keep to the center of the board.
✦ Once the tape is applied, drape a soft cloth on the surface, and working from the center to the sides and from one end to the other end, hand rub the surface forcefully to remove any air bubbles that may have formed between the board and the tape.

✦ Using a razor blade, cut the tape along the edges carefully.

Bearings and Wheels

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✦ The next step is to attach the bearings to the wheels. Start with the wheels that are 60 mm in diameter.

✦ A larger wheel offers greater control and balance. On the other hand, a smaller wheel offers speed and flexibility.
✦ If you don't have access to a bearing press or a pull, go through the following tips.

✦ You can buy the parts to install wheels on the skateboard online, or from a local store.

✦ Install the spacer in the center of the wheel.

✦ Slide a bearing onto the axle of one of the trucks, and using your hand, push the wheel onto the bearing.
✦ Take the wheel, which now has one bearing inside the axle.

✦ Repeat the process with the second bearing, and insert it on the other side of the wheel. Maintain the spacer between the bearings to avoid any future damage.

✦ Repeat this process for all four wheels.

✦ Attach the wheels and secure them with a washer, nut, and a bolt.


✦ Now, we are ready to tackle the task of attaching trucks.

✦ First, drive nails through the drilled holes, and force them up through the tape.

✦ This makes our task of attaching trucks easier. Place the truck kit on the skateboard itself. Use a socket wrench to tighten the truck to the under side.

✦ Mark the front end to differentiate it from the back end.
Today's skateboards are advanced, and use wheels made of polyurethane plastic, which at the same time is not very expensive. The game has freed itself from the boundaries of extreme sports, and entered an ordinary person's life. Best of luck!