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How to Kickflip the Easy Way

Sheetal Mandora
A variation on the Ollie, the kickflip uses the front foot to flick or "kick" the board in order to flip. Read this story to find out easy this skateboard trick really is.
For those who are unaware, a kickflip, originally known as the magic flip, is one of the most difficult, yet basic skateboarding tricks. Here, the skater has to combine an ollie while performing a barrel roll, and rotate it lengthwise on an axis (mid-air). A clean kickflip requires the skater to kick the board at the top and side of the front foot.
The board then flips and rotates (spins) once, and the skater lands on the board, with the wheels on the floor. For an amateur skateboarder, the first thing you should learn is the ollie. Once you get that down, you'll have no problem learning this trick.
As for the more aggressive learners (and other skateboarding enthusiasts), understanding, what it takes to perform this trick is the first step. For a skater, properly dragged ollie is what makes a kickflip nice and quick to learn.

Basic Kickflip

To do a basic kickflip, the most essential skill to gain control over the board when it turns as you perform the ollie. If you can't understand the technique behind this, it would be difficult to go further with the trick. Try the following steps according to your comfort level and pace, and see if you can pull it off.
Position your feet on the board as if you're about do an ollie. Place the ball of your front foot in the middle of the skateboard, just below the front bolts.
With a flicking movement, hit the tail as you would for an ollie. To do the movement, don't drag the front foot upward on the board. Instead, drag it close to the side of the board.
Next, you'll have to flick the board quickly. If you're fast to do the flick, your board will also rotate (flip) quickly as well. The movement should come from how fast you can jerk your ankle; and this may require some time for you practice.
Keep your body just above the board as you jump, and while the board spins. Also, don't push the board down with your foot when you're up.
The board should hit your back foot one time while it flips completely. When it does so, it's called "catching the flip".
Make sure that your front foot isn't far away as it needs to come back on the board. Although your back foot will land on the board first.
While placing the back foot first on the board, you can gain control of the trick while coming down.
Land the board with both feet placed as close to the bolts as possible.

Variations to Master

For any skater, it is essential to gain control over your entire body, along with the board; it is a crucial step. This makes a huge difference between 'almost getting the trick' and 'actually pulling it off'. Once you master the basic kickflip, you can learn the variations of the first trick.
▪ 360/540/720 Kickflip
▪ Backfoot Lateflip
▪ Big/Bigger Flip
▪ Fakie Kickflip
▪ Frontfoot Lateflip
▪ Kickflip Indy
▪ Kickflip Melon
▪ Mother Flip
▪ Hardflip
▪ Hospital Flip
▪ Kickflip Underflip
▪ Nollie Kickflip
▪ Hard Double Flip
▪ Nightmare Flip
▪ Late/Late Back-foot Kickflip
▪ Triple/Quadruple Kickflip
▪ Frontside/Backside Kickflip 180/360
A word of advice; skateboarding is a dangerous physical activity which should not be taken lightly. If taken frivolously, you could be seriously hurt or injured. Always seek training from a professional coach, while learning the sport. Always wear proper protective gear (pads, shoes, and a helmet) and use maintained equipment before attempting any tricks.