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How to Make a Tent

Pragya T
Making a tent is a basic camping prerequisite which everybody needs to be good at. Keep reading to know the steps involved in building a camping tent, and the instructions for making a tent for kids to play.

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There is some practice required to set up a tent, however with some good equipment the job of installing a camping tent becomes easier.
Most tent building and camping gear can be found in big marts at a fairly reasonable price.
It is very easy to create a tent out of blankets for your kids and can be done in your backyard. Here are the instructions for setting up a camping tent and a kids' teepee tent building procedure.

Camping Tent

Here are some important guidelines which will help you in pitching tents.
✦ Whenever shopping for a tent, make sure it is big enough to accommodate people easily and comfortably. Also while choosing a camping tent look for the features of the tent which are suitable to the place where you will be using it.
✦ Finding a suitable ground to install a tent is an important step. Make sure you find a flat, high ground with least amount of rocks or uneven surfaces. Make sure the ground area is dry and will allow the tent to be easily installed.

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✦ The next step for making a tent is to lay a ground cloth or tarp on the flat ground surface. For a few bucks you get the tent footprint or ground cloth at any big mart.
Buy the one which is thinnest and lightest as it will take less space in your luggage and will be light to carry around.
✦ Spread this cloth on the ground surface to protect yourself from any small rocks or grass.

✦Tie a plastic tarp rope to one tree and then to other; make sure the rope is taut and about 3 feet high from the ground. Using the taut-line, set the hitches which will hold for the night.
✦ Lay a poncho or waterproof tent fabric across the rope, with the edges of the poncho on both sides of the rope resting on the ground.

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✦ Now, stake the four corners of the poncho in the ground making the cloth taut and try to cover most of the ground. The tent for camping will protect you from snow and rain and provide a good shelter for the night.

Tent for Kids

If you want to make a teepee tent for kids in your lawn follow these instructions.
✦ Take 6 bamboo posts and tie them together in a cone like shape with rubber bands on the top end. Make sure you leave around 4 inches of bamboo posts free at the top end.
✦ To make the tent fabric take a long piece of cloth. Fold it into two equal square parts and then fold the square shape along its diagonal. With a pencil or marker, draw a semicircle along the top edge of the fabric and similarly draw a semicircle near the other end of the fabric. Cut out the fabric from the outer edges which you marked.
✦ This way you will have a tent fabric which will be semicircular.

✦ Decorate the fabric with different acrylic colors and ribbons.

✦ Drape this fabric on the bamboo posts carefully with the smaller semicircular shape draped around the area where you joined the bamboo posts with rubber bands; and keep the big semicircular fabric lying on the ground.
✦ To join the cloth to the bamboo posts, sew small and tight loops using a strong thread along the bamboo posts length to attach the tent fabric. There, you have made a teepee tent for the kids.
Keep in mind these important guidelines when installing a camping tent, and practice installing a camping tent in your lawn first before going for trekking. Use the these steps on making a tent for kids and surprise your kids with a playtime teepee tent!