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How to Skate

Niharika Arya
Skating is like standing on the wheels and letting it roll. Here we are going to give you some suggestions and tips on how to skate. So, tie up your skates, follow the instructions and just roll on...
Does speed thrills you? If yes, then skates can bring a new adventure in your life. Standing on wheels and just letting them roll is all what a skate holds. Skating is not an easy job though. You have to concentrate on the techniques and have to practice a lot.
There are lots of skates available in the market like, roller skates, inline skates and blade skates. Apart from normal skating, ice skating has also become one of the most loved sports today.
Well, whatever may be the trend or interest, the frequently asked question is, how to skate? Skating is not only considered as a fun activity but is also a very good aerobic exercise. There are many people who want to learn this adventurous and one of the most exciting sports.

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Whether you start the lesson in ice skate or roller skate, you need to have confidence and mainly, you should always be prepared to fall. Skates can be broadly classified into roller skates and inline or blade skates.

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Roller skates have four wheels with ball bearing. These wheels are located on four corners, similar to the positions of the wheels in a car.

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Inline skate consists of four or five wheels in one line and if it is an ice skate then these wheels will be replaced by a blade.
So after you know what kind of skates are available in the market, you must decide about the kind of skates you are going to use. Let's look forward and start with some of the basic requirements and tips on skating.

Things Required in Skating

The most important and the most general requirement are the skates. Go to the market and get the type of skates you want. The skates should be of good fitting.
Loose skates can result in a number of falls. So, look for your perfect fitting and comfortable pair of skates. But before buying a new pair arrange a pair or take a pair of your size on rent.
As a beginner you are bound to fall or dash your skates to something or the other. So, to save your brand new pair from getting spoiled go for the old ones. You can get your new pair when you learn enough to save your skate from being spoiled.
Next are the clothes. You should always wear the clothes which are comfortable. Try not to wear something very loose, that might get stuck with the wheels and you end up with torn clothes and broken mouth. Always wear guards like knee pads, wrist guard, elbow guard, etc., to save yourself from the injuries.
You should always wear a helmet as head injury is one of the most common thing with skates. If you want to learn ice skating, warm clothes are also required because of the very low temperature at the skating arena and even outside.

How to Skate?

✦ The basic thing to start with skate is to have a perfect balance. Once you are able to balance, rolling will happen automatically. Place your feet in 'v' position so that your toes are apart and your heals touch.

✦ Stand upright, bend your knees a bit and spread your arms out. Always look straight and avoid looking down as you can spoil your balance.
✦ Try to march taking small steps and keep your legs in the same 'v' position.

✦ You will be able to learn skates only when you don't have the fear of falling. Try to fall if not accidentally then intentionally. This will take away your fear of falling and then you can practice with ease.
✦ Try to balance and walk around in a plain grassy surface before going to the sidewalk. This will give you an idea of your skates and will teach you to balance. Grass will also save you from serious injuries.
✦ When you are on the sidewalk initially, practice very slowly and make yourself comfortable with standing. Stand in a 'v' position and push yourself outside. Try to maintain your balance and repeat this with your other foot. This will help you to slide. Start slowly and then gain speed. First know the technique and then move forward with the speed skating.
✦ Now, if you have started sliding you definitely have to learn the lesson of how to stop. Performing right thing at the right place is very important and hence common sense and instant decisions are very necessary while skating. First try to understand your skating skills. If you are not so good then it's better to slide slowly.
It is simple to stop with a roller skates as compared to the blade skates or the ice skates. There is a stopper given at the toe end of the skates. Just press with the toe slowly whenever you want to stop. Apart from this, you can either drag one of the leg stopper and stop or make a 'T' and stop.
✦ Now when you know the stopping skills, try both forward to backward skating. Simply make a reverse 'v' and push your legs out. While rolling maintain the torso and just jump to take a 180 degree turn. Your speed remains same, just the direction will change and slide backwards. Repeat the process and come back into the same position and slide forward again.

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✦ Take proper training if you are a lover of figure skating and ice hockey as it is better to get techniques from an expert who can not only help you learn hockey skate but can also give you a platform to show your skills.
From the information you must have understood some of the techniques of skating but this does not mean you are able to solve your query about how to ice skate. But yes some basics are similar for every kind of skates, so they can help you for sure.
You are advised to get your training under an experienced trainer or practice it in the presence of some experienced person. Lastly the most important tip, as you know "practice makes a man perfect", keep practicing and keep rolling. All the best!