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How to Skate Backwards

Ratnashri Dutta
You have just learned how to skate and are enjoying it. But, do you know how to skate backwards? No? Well, here we tell you how, and then you can make all your friends go green with envy with your flamboyant moves.
A lot of people know how to skate, but doing it backwards is something they have never tried. Adding this to your kitty will allow you to skate even better, and if you are into ice hockey, it would be extremely useful there too.

The Steps

Skating backwards on ice is a bit difficult but once you master the basics, there's nothing like it.

Stand Straight

The first thing that you need to do is stand straight. If you feel that you are falling backwards, just put your chin up and slightly bend your knees. Don't worry, everyone experiences this problem at the start.

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Confidence is What You Need

First things first. The most important step is having enough confidence in yourself and in what you are doing. How can you achieve this? By practice. Just practice rolling backwards down a gentle slop every single day, or just by pushing off from a wall or something of that sort.
But before you do that, make sure that the place where you practice is free from any kind of debris, because otherwise, you could land up in the hospital due to some accident. While going backwards, get the feeling of moving backwards. If you feel that you are losing your balance, then scissor your skates. Practice until you are confident about it.

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Keep the Feet Closer

As a beginner, do not keep your legs far apart while you are learning. That won't be of much help. Keep your skates closer than your shoulder's width.

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Maintaining Speed

Confident now? Great! Now, the next step is to maintain your speed. While rolling in a straight line with one skate, with the other try sculling, that is, keep pushing yourself backwards with an outward stroke. Now, bring the skate which you were using to scull, and then again, repeat the same process.
Make sure that you put most of your weight on the skate which is moving straight, and not the one with which you are sculling. Try the same thing using the other foot. Again, keep doing this till you are confident enough.

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Increase Your Speed Now

Once you are confident that you can scull with either foot, the next thing that you have to do is increase your speed. Try some of your own tricks now. Scull with either feet or with both simultaneously.

Scull and Be Aware

While you keep one foot straight, keep sculling with the other. You can do that simultaneously with both feet too. Concentrate on what you are doing, but don't get so involved that you don't see where you are going. If you are not watching your back, you might just bang against something or someone.

Skate Backwards on Inline Skates

Here are some tips which will teach you to skate on inline skates. Follow them and you will be an expert in it.

Just Roll and Move

First thing that you have to do is roll forward wearing your skates, then wind up your torso in the direction opposite to the direction in which you will turn when you jump.

Release Weight and Unwind Torso

Now, jump up, and while doing that, release the weight from your skates. Next, unwind your torso and quickly turn 180 degrees, while ensuring at this time that your weight is not on your skates. With this, you will land facing the opposite direction, but you will still be rolling in the same direction.

Watch Where You Are Going

When you are skating, do keep a watch as to where you are going. Do not get so immersed in skating that you go and hit against a wall.

Keep Carving and Speed Up

While rolling, keep carving till you are comfortable with rolling backwards. Then, exert pressure on the scull foot in order to speed up. This is almost similar to when you skate forward, but the only difference is that you do not lift up your skate while skating backwards. Then jump up again, spin 180 degrees, and face forward again.
So, put on those skates of yours, and practice hard so that you can surprise your friends this winter. But be sure to wear all the necessary safety gear before you practice.