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How to Throw a Cast Net

Rujuta Borkar
There is a proper technique that is used when throwing a cast net. The proper techniques are given further.
A cast net is used as a mechanism for fishing in shallow waters. This fishing gear is an age-old mechanism that has been used in several cultures of the world for many years. As is apparent from the word 'net', this technique is used to catch and trap fish with the usage of a net.

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Yet, it's something that works best in shallow waters and for a small scale fishing expedition rather than for commercial purposes. That is because the cast net has a limited capacity and can catch only limited fish at one point of time. It cannot really be used effectively well in deep waters.
As the technology has paved way in all sections of life, when it comes to fishing, using methods like trawlers and commercial boats with the capacity to catch thousands of fish is used. Yet, the cast net method continues to be a popular one till date.
A cast net has a particular casting technique which allows for effective and successful trapping of fish in high numbers. If used correctly, it can act as one of the most successful fishing tricks.

Throwing a Cast Net the Easy Way

What exactly involves the correct approach of throwing a cast net? Here's a step by step manual on how to go about doing that:

1. Take the net and throw the pulling line around your hand loop. Tighten it around your arm through which you'll throw it.

2. Start coiling the pulling line in loose loops around the hand that you'll be using to throw the net with.
3.Now, hold the net ring in a way such that the fingers are on top and the thumb is on the bottom.

4. Use the free hand and reach straight down from the thumb and hold on to the lead line.

5. Then holding onto the portion of the lead line into your palm, turn the palm down so that the net ring will hold it in place and the net will be ready to be thrown.
6. Now, take the cast net and turn it away from the point at which you'll cast the net.

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7. Stretch out the throwing arm and rotate it in a smooth and continuous motion to your target.

8. Pulling your arm higher, release the cast net into the air in the direction of the bait.
9. Make sure that you use the force of the body to throw the net in the direction of the bait.

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10. The net should fall in a circular motion so that it covers a wider area and becomes easier to haul the bait in.

11. Trap the catch in by pulling at the string to close the net and pull out.

Throwing a Cast Net with One Hand

What if you need to know how to throw a cast net by one hand alone? Read the following instructions to know more about cast net throwing in the right manner:

1. Use the loop at the end of the line and coil it around the wrist of the hand that you're going to throw the net with.

2. Now, coil the entire line till the end around the same hand.
3. Lifting the net till it is completely stretched out, pull it over the draw strings.

4. Make sure to set free all those weights that are attached to the net and hold the net at about12 inches below the net.

5. Next, use your free hand to grasp the bottom of the net and place it in the hand that you'll be casting the net with.
6. Now, use your dominant hand (the one that you'll be casting the net with) and hold on to the net and open it up. This you will have to do by extending the arm straight out at a 90ยบ angle. This will completely open up the net and let you cast it well.
7. Using the momentum of your body, turn your body sideways, and cast the net with your dominant hand. Make sure that you do not bend the arm while throwing. This will ensure that the net will be completely open when you cast it, allowing more area to be covered.

8. If you've followed the instructions correctly, then the net should fall out in a circle.
9. Once this happens, pull on the draw strings to close the net and trap the bait in.

10. Repeat these step by step instructions every time you want to haul in a fresh batch.
And now that you know how to throw a cast net, use the instructions well to haul in the fish and make yourself proud.