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Important Tips for Camping With Your Dog

Kundan Pandey
Are you wondering about how to go hiking with your dog? If yes, then read ahead to know some tips and techniques to make a camping mission along with your dog, a grand experience. Keep reading to know more...
Dogs are sporty pets and they can be your best companion when you are planning some outdoor activities. Camping out with your pet animal can be a wonderful experience for you. It will also be exciting for the dog to explore a new place and encounter some adventurous paths along the journey.
Not all dog breeds are suitable for participating in activities involved in camping, therefore, you must make a note of the type of dog you have and if it is suited for working outdoors. Before going for the trip with your dog, you will need some good planning and preparation.

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Camping with Your Pet Dog

If you own a dog breed that loves loads of physical activities and is inherently known to be adventurous, you will have a great time during the camp.
If your dog accompanies you in camping, you will have to act responsibly by packing necessary stuff not only for you, but also for your pet animal. Here are some pointers to consider before camping with your canine friend.
✦ Before choosing a location for camping, do make sure that it is allowed to take pets in that area for camping. Many camping or hiking sites charge a fee, if campers bring their pets along with them.

✦ Prefer a location that is famous for dog camping as it will be convenient for your dog to enjoy the experience.
✦ If your dog behaves well, only then take it camping. If it is uncomfortable with strangers, barks incessantly at strangers and it becomes aggressive or is impatient with others, avoid taking him to the camp. It will only embarrass you in front of strangers.
✦ It is a poor idea to leave your dog tied to a tree or a bush or locked up in the car while you are up there, in the mountains, enjoying the vacation. It is not only unsafe for your pet but also emotionally disturbing, to be left secluded.

✦ Carry biodegradable poop bags to throw away the dog's waste. Be a responsible camper and clear all dog waste.
✦ Don't let your dog harm nature, spoil bird nests, or scare away animals you encounter in the camp.

✦ All the better if your dog can carry a camping bag for himself. You can keep water bottles, dog biscuits, poop bags and other necessities. Pet stores sell many good dog camping bags that can be easily carried by dogs. Choose a bag that best fits his size.
✦ Carry extra water bottles and other crucial dog accessories in your bag, as you must not exert your dog with lots of weight. It is vital to keep the dog hydrated throughout the journey.
✦ Blankets for dogs are a must have so that they can sleep comfortably. Take one for sleeping on and another for covering the dog, if it's cold at night.
✦ A separate small tent for your dog is great but then you must ensure there are few other campers with you, as you can only carry limited things.

✦ Avoid camping in harsh weather or during the rains along with your dog, else he might fall ill or can be uncomfortable during hiking.
✦ First aid kits are necessary. Pack ointments, bandages and dog medicines, in case you require it at some junction of the journey.
✦ Carry swimming jackets for your dog if you plan to enjoy swimming. Carry a long leash so that you can tie the dog with it when you are involved in making the tent or you are resting, reading or walking faster. It will help you to keep the dog near you and you will always know if the pet animal is around you.
✦ Meet a vet to know if your dog is healthy and if it's safe to take him camping in a certain geographical area. He will give some vital suggestions for safety of the pet that will be crucial during the journey.

✦ If your dog isn't used to walking long stretches in one go, make sure you practice with him for at least a week, before scheduling the camp.
✦ Carrying sufficient dog food is very important. Pack dog foods in waterproof plastic bags properly, as they must not smell or get wet during the camping hours. Avoid letting your dog eat any unattended meat or dead animal flesh during the journey as it might not be healthy for your dog.

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✦ Also, don't let your dog drink stagnant water from random streams or lakes, as it can be a source of infection. It is true that, if you don't have water left, you can let your dog drink from the streams but do it only in urgent situations.
As a responsible pet owner, you must follow all health and safety tips while hiking with your dog because ultimately, it is your duty to take care of your dog. Dogs are inherently alert, active and they are blessed with good intelligence. Being the most faithful animals to man, they have been our best companion since thousands of years.

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During the camp, not only will you look after your dog, but even your dog will exercise his intuition, intelligence and smelling powers to warn you about any dangers. It will take care of you at every step, that is, for sure! So, follow these tips for camping with your lovely pet and have a memorable experience!