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Tips for Jug Fishing

Arjun Kulkarni
Jug fishing is one of the most popular types of fishing. Be sure to catch a bumper crop with these effective jug fishing tips!
Jug fishing may be a tad bit different from the conventional fishing technique, but it sure is effective. It is an easy and hassle-free form of fishing with which you can catch so many fish that you will start wondering, why you never tried this before!
It is a very common type of sport fishing in which you use a jug to fish. You keep a bunch of jugs, with the bait attached to them, and wait for the fish to fall prey to your trap. At the end, simply pull out all the jugs to find plenty of fish caught in them. The best part, it requires very little work from you. All you need is the equipment and alertness.

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One of the best tips is to go jug fishing in still water bodies like lakes or reservoirs. Fishing in flowing-water bodies like rivers would seriously reduce the effectiveness of this method.
You will need some plastic jugs, nylon fishing lines, a few hooks, and some bait. Another good tip is that you ought to take the nylon cables of different widths and lengths, as you will be using the cables for different purposes.
There are two main methods: the anchored jug method and the free-floating jug method. In the latter method, you have to attach the thicker nylon cable to the jug and the thinner nylon cables to the thicker nylon cable. You tie the hook and the bait to the thinner nylon cables.
You can tie more of these thinner nylon cables to the thicker one and catch more fish with one jug. The jug should float on the water. Instead of a normal plastic jug, you can also use commercially sold fishing jugs.
These jugs float on water instead of having the fisherman hold the line. Soon there will be a slight tug on the jug, which means that the fish has been successfully caught. You can lay out as many jugs as you want over the surface of the water to catch the fish.
In the anchored jug fishing method, you will need an extra item, i.e., an anchor. You can use a stone or something else that's heavy in weight and will make sure that the jug holds still and stays in one place. This method is better as it doesn't allow the fish to fight and break the hook.
It also ensures that there is no injury to the fish while trying to bite it, as the jug will not move with it. In this method, you need to tie one end of the thicker nylon cable to the jug and the other end to the anchor. Then you attach the thinner jug lines with the bait and hook to the thicker jug lines and your fishing equipment is ready!
Keep in mind:

✦ Jug fishing is best done in still water.
✦ Cables should have different widths. The longer and thicker one to hold the jug in place, and the shorter thinner ones to tempt the fish.
✦ And lastly, using an anchor for jug fishing will surely provide better results.