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Learn How to Fish

Madhura Pandit
Fishing is a sport loved all over the world. If you are a beginner, here we will provide basic tips on fishing that will help you learn.

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Fishing is a fun recreational activity, a popular hobby and sport. There are several methods of fishing, such as angling; hand fishing, also known as noodling; fly fishing, bow fishing and ice fishing. Among these, angling is the most common method. Different type of fishes require different methods of fishing.
Before you fish, you must be aware of the terms used for different things in fishing. For e.g. an angler is a term used for a fisherman who uses a hook and line. The fishing gear is collectively known as tackle. You must also possess a fishing license if you are above 16 / 18 years of age. You should check for the laws for fishing in any particular area.

Things Required for Fishing

  • Bobber
  • Pole / Rod
  • Bait
  • Line
  • Sinker
  • Hook

How To Fish

Among various fishing methods, angling is the easiest method. There are different types of fishing rods meant for different fish types. Following is the step-by-step method that will help in knowing how to fish.
  • Choose the appropriate location. Sitting at one place and fishing is easier than fishing in a boat. You should make a detailed inquiry about the area and also the type of fishes breeding there.

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  • It is better to use a thin fishing line. Cut the line in the same length as that of the rod or pole and tie it. Now attach the hook to the line. Hooks of different sizes are available, but smaller hooks are suitable for fishing fish of almost every size.

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  • You can attach the sinker, which is a weight that holds the line below the surface of water. Attach the sinker just above the hook. A bobber or a float is used to alter the depth of the bait in water. You can also change the distance between the bobber and the bait.
  • Choose the bait suitable for the type of fish and attach it to the hook. Worms are the best bait for luring fish; though you can also use grasshoppers or pieces of chicken. You can collect worms and store them in bottles. Live worms can also be obtained from angling stores.
  • Now cast your line and wait for the fish to take a bite of the bait. You will immediately sense when the fish takes a bite. At the same time, jerk the rod and pull it backwards.
  • Once you see the fish with the hook in its mouth, tighten the line and make sure that the hook remains in the mouth of the fish. Grab the fish and take care that it does not fall back into the water or on the ground.
  • Remove the hook from its mouth with the help of pliers. There is a specific technique involved and it requires practice to master the process. You must also remember to be cautious while removing the hook from the mouth of the fish as you may get injured in the process.
  • Now you can happily take home your first catch or wait for another one!

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When fishing from a boat, you need to employ heavier weights to keep the line below the water's surface. It definitely takes a lot of time and patience for fishing. If you wish to thoroughly enjoy fishing, you can go fishing in a group. Learn how to fish and impress your friends the next time you go camping. Good luck!