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Longboarding Tips

Medha Godbole
If you were looking for some tips to help you longboard, this is just what you need to read...
You can never become super rich or super successful overnight. You always take small steps toward success and excellence, and build up on that, be it writing, skateboarding, cooking, or even computer programming.

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Talking of skateboarding, obviously, on day one, you will not learn any trick. But as you go along, get better, practice, you can learn the tricks of the trade easily. Not just that, you will also know about the variation of skateboarding called longboarding.

Slide Away

This is probably one of those initial skateboarding tricks you might learn. Sliding involves using the board in a way which helps you to stop the board.
For this, you will have to grab the board in the direction you wish to slide, and lift it enough so that the wheels are just off the ground. The other hand can be used to balance your weight, so that you don't fall off the board.

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Tuck Trick

For getting the maximum mileage for each push, the art of body tuck is very important. Maximum aerodynamics are achieved with the help of the tuck. Tucking allows you to travel longer distances with less effort. To tuck, push off with your dominant foot, while your planted foot will be far to the front of the board.
Once you push off, get the push off the foot at the back of the board, kneeling down as much you can on the board. But, you should not touch your knee to the board. Get your arms behind as far as you can at the back, and for steering the board, use your weight.

Other Tips

✦ Once you get the hang of longboarding and get the basic things in order, learn to turn. Before you take on the slightly uphill task of going uphill with your board, try the less intimidating task of learning to turn.
✦ Imbibe and practice the ways to stop the board from rolling and come to a halt. Trying out a wrong method or doing a correct method in a wrong way, could lead to an injury. The correct way to come to a halt with your board is very important. Footbraking, air braking, sliding, carving, rolling, and riding are some of the tricks used for stopping.
✦ Good equipment is always a preferred choice if you are serious about skateboarding, or rather longboarding. Good sliding gloves, trucks, helmet, and the like, will be a good investment.
✦ Starting on flat land before you tread tougher paths is advised for those who have just ventured into this activity. This will get you better acquainted with kick pushing and turning.
✦ While you stop in your tracks, learn to ride it out. Riding it out means that you stay put on your board till you get to a flat road and the board comes to a stop naturally. Experts say that this is the best and also the easiest way of stopping.

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At the end of the day, practice is the most important thing. Do not forge the safety gear.