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Love Hiking? Use These 5 Essential Tips to Stay On the Trails

Mikkie Mills
Newbies and veterans alike can attest to the beautiful sights and feelings of accomplishment that come with checking a long-awaited trail off your list. To make sure you are able to tackle longer journeys on the trail, keep these tips in mind.

Pack Plenty of Food and Water

To make sure you can stay sharp and energetic throughout the entire duration of your hike, you will want to make sure to pack enough food and water.
When it comes to packing water, base the amount you bring along on type of hike you will be completing and climate you will be doing it in. Refer to tips for staying hydrated to make sure you meet minimal hydration levels on top of taking into account the activities you engage in.

Boost Your Endurance

If you want to ensure that you will last through the entirety of a lengthy hike, you will need to invest time in preparing your body. Set a regular exercise routine to improve your endurance levels. Make a plan to engage in at least one long run or hike a week to improve your cardio endurance.
You may engage in strength training, placing an emphasis on toning your body and getting muscles prepared for traveling long distances over rough terrain while carrying extra pounds. To keep things rounded out, make sure you devote plenty of time to yoga or other forms of stretching.

Test Your Equipment

Make sure you test any new equipment before using it on a long hike. The equipment you will want to pay the most attention to will be various clothing elements, such as shoes and socks, and your backpacking gear.
Make sure your backpack is comfortable and can adequately carry all of the things that you need it to while engaging in a lengthy hike. Ensure that your shoes and socks are comfortable, provide adequate protection from temperature and protect your feet from moisture and chafing.

Bring Emergency Supplies

Remember to pack extra supplies for any mishaps that may happen on the trail. In addition to extra layers of clothing and a spare pair of underwear and socks, bring along a portable cell phone charger, waterproof matches and a lighter, a blanket or tent and a first aid kit.

Aim to Pack Light

Though you will want to include plenty of supplies, aim for items that are lightweight and provide great utility. Select clothing and gear made of lightweight material so that it won’t further weigh you down on the trail.
To ensure a safe and enjoyable hike, always make sure to devote plenty of time to preparation by keeping the listed tips in mind before you hit the trail.