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Vital Tips for Planning Perfect Meals for a Camp Trip

Stephen Rampur
Good meals need to be planned, particularly if you are on a trip, far away from places where food can be bought. Read on to know how to plan meals for a camp trip.

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Camping is a lot of fun for many people, who love to travel and have a good time. However, there are certain considerations that you have to keep in mind when going for camping.

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Usually, for a majority of people, the most important consideration is to ensure that they have sufficient, good food to sustain themselves during the camp. You need to ensure that the food can be cooked, or is available at the camping site, especially if you are going out with kids or family.
Without adequate food, your trip will not be really interesting or pleasurable. Here's how you can plan and ensure the availability of sufficient and good food for the trip.

Consult Others

While planning camping food, you need to know how many meals you will need. You may ask opinions of other members of what foods they would like.

Storage Space

If there is a lot of space available to carry things with you, you have the alternative of bringing a couple of additional meals. This helps in case some food is ruined or spoiled, or if the participants choose to eat a bit more.

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Snacks and beverages are the most common options in the food list. The main part of the food for camping trip can be any protein-rich food, like beans, meat, poultry, fish, eggs, cheese, etc. You may also consider potatoes, bread rolls, cooked ears of corn, or even rice.

Food Options

Salad or green canned vegetables are a good option to be included in camping lunches and dinners. However, the kind of camping foodstuff, that you would think of taking along, will very much depend upon the sort of camping you will be doing.

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Camping Style

If you are considering a backpack camping style, the meal options may be very limited, such as dehydrated food. In a recreational, vehicle camping or cabin camping style, you have many options for the food that you can carry, as you would have space and the basic amenities of a home.
However, it is very crucial to devise the camping food ideas well in advance, even though you may be located in a resort camping site, and may have a refrigerator, oven, and cooking stove. You should keep in mind that the cost of food at resorts can be really expensive.

Equipment To Carry

Food can be simple or fancy as you desire. You may mix both types by cooking simple lunches or dinners, and making it elegant with wine in wine glasses.

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You will have to be extra careful when it comes to packing those glasses for the trip though. Carrying a simple cooking stove can help you in coming up with varieties of good meals for camping trips. You can cook nearly any type of breakfast, lunch, or dinner food item, simply using a pot, a pan, and a stove.

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Moreover, foods in foil packets, prepared on a grill, are largely preferred as camping foods, and do not need any camping cookware.
All you require is good quality aluminum foil, to form a sealed cooking package for vegetables and other foods.

Use Leftovers

Do not forget that dinner leftovers can be used for brunches. The leftover corn from the cob, and baked potatoes pieces can become a delicious meal, if mixed with scrambled eggs. You may use bacon grease for frying, and include left bacon.
These were just a few tips to be adhered to while preparing for camping trips. In order to have a good camping experience, mentioned steps will come in handy to determine how many meals you would need, and what you can or cannot carry along.