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Must-read Tips to Buy Inline Skates for Beginners

Malvika Kulur
Choosing the right inline skates is very important, but sometimes people make errors while doing so. To avoid regretting your purchase, this story provides you with useful information you need while buying your first pair of inline skates.
Most Important Tip!

When buying inline skates, the key features to look for are the comfort level and support that the skates provide.

Buying inline skates can be confusing and time-consuming. If you do not buy the right one, you may end up getting injured, have balancing problems, or experience difficulty while skating on the whole.
To obviate facing any inconvenience while skating, choose a pair of skates that is ideal for you. This choice is of utmost importance, especially if you are a beginner. Here are tips on making the best purchase of inline skates, especially if you are a first-time buyer.

Tips for Buying Inline Skates for Beginners

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Deciding Your Needs

◆ First off, you need to decide why you need the skates. Is it for hockey, speed skating, fitness, recreation, or for extreme skating, because the types of skates meant for each of these activities are varied.
◆ For example, if you are buying inline skates for hockey, you will need skates whose wheels are made in such a way that taking turns, stopping, and speeding up become easy.
◆ If you are buying your skates for speed, then you should go in for the variety that have 5 wheels in a row.
◆ Also keep in mind that speed skating is usually done by professionals, so if you are just learning to skate, buy a pair of sturdy skates just so that you get used to inline skating.

The Selection Process

◆ Never make your decisions in a hurry. When you go skate shopping, take the entire day, and try out different pairs before selecting the one that you like.
◆ Always remember to stand in your skates or at least roam around the shop, very carefully, for a minimum of half an hour before you make your purchase.
◆ Buy a pair that fits you right and is very comfortable. Look at all the features, like the boot, ground clearance, support provided, quality of wheels, diameter of wheels, brakes, etc., very carefully.
◆ If ever in doubt, ask the shop manager or a skating instructor for details on the skates that you liked, before buying.
◆ Ask questions regarding the boot, its quality, shelf life, material used, etc. Also inquire about the frame, specifications like diameter, what type of wheels are used, spacing between the wheels, whether the frame is adjustable or not, what is it made of, etc. Most importantly, ask about the brakes, what type of brakes are used, how long will they last.
◆ 80 mm wheels are the safest to choose if you are beginner, as they are slower and sturdier than the 100 mm wheels. While choosing the frame, go in for an average-sized one that has a hard shell boot attached to it.
◆ Compare different skates before making your choice.
◆ Always buy your skates from a certified sporting goods store and inline specialty stores.
◆ The prices of inline skates defer from brand to brand. A good pair can cost you anything between $125 to $250. There are skates available for less than $75, but the quality and features of the cheaper pairs are not too good, and they do not last long.
◆ When you are buying your first pair, make sure to buy the safest and most comfortable pair of skates, and if you do not have a helmet, and knee or elbow pads, make sure to buy them too.
◆ If the salesperson is trying too hard to stick you with a pair that you do not like, then do not feel shy to say no to him.
◆ Get all your doubts cleared so that you know exactly what you are buying.
If you are a complete novice where inline skating is concerned, then renting a pair of skates instead of purchasing a new pair is strongly recommended. Never buy your first pair of skates online, as you need to be sure of its size, fit, and comfort level.