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Outdoor Sports Activities for Kids

Rujuta Borkar
Sports activities for kids are a great way to get them physically fit and to channel their energy in the right direction. Read ahead, we will give you examples of some of the activities that you can use.
As kids, you must have never tagged anything as 'sports' or games, you know? It was all just a whole lot of fun and games. It didn't matter if it was playing hopscotch or counting the number of rounds one could do with the hula hoop or the shooting of basketballs even.
Today we tag it as sports and physical activities because there is the influx of video games, television and other factors that have lessened the importance of outdoor physical activity. All the more reason for one to bring in some outdoor sports activities into their routine.
These sports activities will not only get the kids physically fit, but will also help them develop and hone their analytical and problem solving abilities, which, as we all know is the crux of all sports. In the following sections, we will give you examples of some of the best sports activities that you can start your kids on.

Fun and Easy Sports Activities

With childhood obesity on the rise, there is a growing concern among parents to prevent the same from happening to their kids. In that direction, here are some of the best activities that you can introduce into your kids' routines.

Hurdle Race

Put the element of fun in something and you'll have ever willing takers. No forcing or convincing required.
So what you do is find a ground that is large enough to arrange for some sports activities.

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Then you get about arranging for as many things as you can think of like hula hoops, skipping ropes, ladders, etc. Etch out a plan and use all this equipment to create a relay race.

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To make it even more fun, invite a couple of kids so that there is the element of competition, which helps in promoting certain qualities required for team building. Divide the kids into teams and start out on the race.
For example, they have to cross from the starting line to the finish line while crossing hurdles, doing hula hoop rounds etc. The team that manages to cross over first, wins.

Trampoline Basketball

The newest fad, and one with a twist to a normal game of basketball, no less? Trampoline basketball.
Instead of the regular game of basketball, which is no doubt one of the most effective physical activities, you add to the intensity of the workout by introducing a trampoline as well. The trampoline is placed at both ends of the court near the baskets and the kid has to jump onto the trampoline to dunk the ball into the basket.
This requires energy and precision and is a whole lot of fun as well. Make sure that the kids have been given the safety gear and are told to be careful when undertaking this sport.

Cycling Expeditions

All kids will have a bike growing up. It's a given activity for most kids in their childhood. So convincing them to use a cycle is never a problem.

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Things can definitely be made more interesting by including their friends in it and perhaps taking them for a cycling road trip for the duration of a morning.

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Other Sports

Many parents will choose to enroll their kids into authentic sports and activities. These ensure that the kids not only play the games but also learn the complexities and techniques that each individual sports brings with it.

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Some of the most popular sports that are opted for are basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, badminton, and hockey.

Fun Games and Sports

While these are the 'hardcore' sports activities that can be started out for the kids, there are several such outdoor activities that run more on the theme of fun while still retaining the physical benefits that they provide for.
These activities include - limbo, skating, archery, rock climbing, trekking and hiking, dancing and others.
These are a mix of some of the best outdoor sports activities for kids that you can look into. These include not only the most popular sports activities, but also those that have an element of fun in them and thus require no coaxing. Plan out a good program and gift your kid a good health and lots of fun.