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Perfect Camping Trip at Santa Catalina Island, California

Prerana Jamdarkhana
Santa Catalina Island - a name that resonates with camping, hiking, nightlife and luxury. With it’s diverse flora-fauna, beautiful beaches and convenient campgrounds, a vacation in Catalina is unlike any other experience.

Santa Catalina Island, California

Hermit Gulch Campground

The magnificent hills surrounding Hermit Gulch are a feast for eyes.
The hills provide easy ways to hike around.

Being the only campground within Avalon’s city limits, grocery stores and restaurants are easily available.

Two Harbors

The village overlooking Pacific Ocean, paints a dreamy day while camping.

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Places near Two Harbor shore host kayaking, snorkeling and other recreational activities.

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Boat-In Camping

Boat-In camping equals solitude alongside tranquil of Pacific.
Same side as Avalon, 9 locations have 17 sites of Boat-In camp which could be reached only through boat or kayak.

Little Harbor

The carefree, beach-front campground is an ideal spot to enjoy camping and bonfire.
As Little Harbor purvey kayaking, interested campers can rent kayaking equipments from nearby shops.

Black Jack Campground

Camping at 1,600 ft above sea-level, near the highest peak of Santa Catalina, Mt Orizaba, is what Black Jack is all about!
While camping amongst pine and eucalyptus trees, if you get lucky, you might come across buffaloes roaming around the mountain.

Parson’s Landing

Parson’s Landing is a secluded yet comfortable beach-side campground, perfect for a peaceful stay with beloveds.
Note -
  • Booking is mandatory for camping.
  • Tent cabins are provided at Hermit Gulch and Two Harbors.
  • At Little Harbor, Black Jack and Parson’s Landing, tent equipments are not offered or rented.
  • Basic amenities- food, water, firewood, tables, showers, toilets- are available.
  • Boat-In camping is an exception to all the facilities.
For Boat-In camp
  • Running water, sanitation, equipments and supplies are not included.
  • Campers are advised to bring portable washroom.
  • Cooking arrangements must be taken care of, as fire is not allowed.