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Techniques for Pike Fishing

Medha Godbole
Did you know that the way in which you fish for the pike is different in the summer than it is in the fall? Here are a few techniques which help you master the art of pike fishing and make it a fun activity for you too.

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Just going to a river, dipping the fishing rod in the water, and waiting while the pike takes its own sweet time to attach itself to the hook! This won't work. For getting a good catch, you need a lot of things going on for you. Along with the right fishing method, you need good baits and lures, and loads of patience.
Pike fishing is no different. The pike is a brackish, freshwater, carnivorous fish found mostly in the northern hemisphere. Just like for bass or trout fishing, pike fishing, too, needs to be done in a certain way. Chances of a good pike catch will increase if you follow these special tips and techniques.
Pikes are found mostly in waters with a lot of weed. Techniques used for catching these fish varies according to seasons and areas in which they are found.

Early Bird Season Technique

This suggests that you go pike fishing just when winter has ended, but the water is still cold. During this period, the pikes are not as active and aggressive as they are in summer.
So, rather than using large crank baits or spoons, use a 1/8 oz or 1/4 oz jug tipped with sucker minnow or twister tail to attract the fish. Moreover, fishing on drop offs close to weed beds will be perfect. You can also consider setting a large sucker minnow or two beneath the bobber.

Plugging the Pike

When it comes to pike fishing, all types of plugs like shallow plugs, surface plugs, medium to deep divers, and shallow running plugs are useful.
Shallow running minnow style plugs are preferred, but other options like larger minnow shaped plugs (which are used for striper and muskie trolling) can be considered. These are great when it comes to both casting and trolling applications.

You Fall or Pike Falls?

Fishing with jugs tipped with minnows reasonably deep in the water is one useful, late fall pike fishing technique. This is because during fall, the fish slow down their activity. In addition to this, fishing about 3 feet or less from the bottom will do the trick and you will surely catch a few!
The pike is at the peak of its activity just at the onset of fall. So, at such a time, you can use large crank baits, spinners, and spinner baits. For casting the crank bait, slowly drift along the shoreline. Don't forget to cast as you drift!

Rod with the Pike

Another effective technique is to ensure that the fishing rod has medium to medium-heavy action. In case you are casting or trolling, a rod that can handle a heavy lure will be required.

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Here are some other handy tips and tricks to ensure that the rod doesn't remain in the water sans any catch.

✦ The best time to catch pike is either early morning or early evening.
✦ Just by varying your techniques and methods, you can get a nice catch.
✦ Avoid using the same bait and the same kind of lure.
✦ If you get a pike on your bait and it goes off or fiddles with it, have patience, it will come back. They tend to play with the bait.
Last, but not the least, when you go pike fishing, make sure you are fishing in the right area, and that is where pike is! Otherwise, even the best of tricks and techniques are going to come to a naught!