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Plan a Thrilling Trip to Bryce Canyon National Park

Vinam Pachkhede
Get wonderstruck by the uncanny and eye-pleasing panoramic views of the soaring rock and sand pillars. Enjoy hiking, stargazing, biking, and much more at this beautiful landscape tinted with shades of red and orange.

About The Park

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The park has some weird yet breathtaking rock formations, hoodoos, and sandstone pillars. Foxes, bobcats, mule deer, and many other animals can be spotted here.

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You will be really awe-inspired by the beautiful panoramic views, natural bridges, and the landscape wearing a white blanket during the winters.

Best Attractions

Bryce Amphitheater

Part of the Under-the-Rim trail, encounter many-hued sunrise/sunset colors, and a close-up view of the whole park.

Thor's Hammer

All the Marvel fans are sure to go crazy spotting Thor’s hammer adorned naturally on a slim sandstone pillar.

Wall Street

Enter this narrow passage with an arched-entrance of Douglas-fir trees clustered with gorgeous soaring rocks.

Fun Activities

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With mesmerizing views along the loops and trails, wander through the park’s forest, meadows, and valleys. Most famous hike is the full moon hike.

After Dark Sessions

Guided by the ‘Astronomy Rangers,’ (as they are called), spot Milky-way, Jupiter and Venus shadows.
Await the Annual Astronomy Fest.

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You can travel through the loops by a vehicle as well, catch views of various points and spires, along the traverse.

Cycling And Biking Trails

Grit your teeth while cycling from the Scenic Byway 12. Bikers can opt between Casto Canyon, Thunder Mountain, or Cassidy trail.

Incredible Viewpoints

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Sunset Point

Relish the alluring view of the mild sun rays with orange hues on the soaring hoodoos and valley.

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Sunrise Point

Here you can grab the golden rays falling on the Bryce Amphitheater. Capture some insta-worthy pictures here.

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Inspiration Point

Encounter this point while driving through one of the trail offering the view of the valley jam packed with hoodoos and the silent city.

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Bryce Point

Similar to the sunrise and inspiration point, it boasts of the most picturesque and panoramic view of swarms of hoodoos.

Where To Stay

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Choose from car campgrounds, backcountry campgrounds and hotels. You can also drive down to the nearby towns to get to the highway easily.

Some Tips

  • Hikers can expect shortness of breath, but don’t worry acclimating at the higher altitude takes time. 
  • Carry warm cloths as it get cold at night due to the high altitude.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Apply ample amount of sun screen. 
  • Try and visit during Spring or Fall for the best experience.