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Things You Must Know About Portable and Popup Canopy Tents

Kashmira Lad
Tents form an important part of any outdoor event. Portable and popup canopy tents have been steadily gaining popularity because of the convenience and versatility they offer. This ThrillSpire post takes a look at what makes them the most preferred choice.
Tents prove to be useful for any occasion and event. A tent can be used in various ways for events, parties, exhibitions, weddings, and promotions. They are used not only as shelters, but also provide an elaborate and elegant environment for different occasions.
Sometimes, going to the beach or even a picnic may turn out to be very cumbersome affair, especially when you need to hunt for a well-shaded location. This is where portable and popup canopy tents step in to make life more convenient for you.

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Portable canopy tents are compact and lightweight, and can thus be carried around without much effort. Portable canopy tents are also available in various designs and are supported by poles. Designed to be easy to set up, these canopies are equipped with trouble-free storage facilities.

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These tents are also available in a variety of designs and sizes. The most important thing would be the sturdiness of the tent, as they provide the shade and protection for parties, camping areas, storage, deck, pool, and many such outdoor areas.
The fancy versions are multifunctional and can also be used as a dock house, gazebo, freestanding carport, garage, and for almost any other purpose. The tents are also flame-retardant, water-resistant, and offer protection from UV rays.
Some of them are innovative enough and have steel field spikes for setting them up. You can find these in all sizes and shapes. The tents are also designed to enhance ventilation, and come with zippered doors and mesh windows. These are also easy to set up, and come in a variety of shades to suit your tastes.
One of the most important factors you should consider while picking a pop up tent is the waterproofing. This is because most shops would claim their products to be waterproof, but there is a fine line between 'waterproof' and 'water-resistant' material used to make the tents.
This would be highly important in case you do experience bad weather when you are outdoors, like sudden spells of heavy rain. In such cases, only a water-resistant tent would be able to withstand moderate to heavy showers.
Pop up canopy tents are available in two varieties, one which are easy to set up with a spring in the middle and the other, that unfolds like a canopy. Pop up canopy tents are more customized for personal use and are cozier in appearance.
These types of tents are designed to collapse as a disc. Here, the spring is pressed down. This tent can pop up only when the spring is triggered. Being portable, these tents are easy to carry and us,e and can be packed easily with other camping gear.
Packing away pop up canopy tents is not a big deal either! Always peg down the edges of the tent before you trigger the spring. The ones that are larger in size may prove to be difficult and may require more effort. Even then, these are easier to manage than regular tents.
Despite the ease and convenience, don't pack pop up canopy tents if wet and dirty. Let the natural breeze dry it out easily, so you can roll it up later. The tent, if infected with unhygienic breeds of fungi and dirt, causes problems when you need to unfold or use it the next time. While storing your tent, keep it in a dry place to increase its durability.