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Reasons Why Camp Friends are the Best Friends

Buzzle Staff
Camp life is unforgettable - the memories you create, the experiences you share, and the friends you make, stay with you all your life. Camp friends are the best friends for numerous reasons. Relive those days through this post.

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"It's never long distance between friends."
― Sarah Dessen
We meet numerous people everyday, some become acquaintances, some friends. And, there is a different category of people who truly become a part of our life. They are our true buddies, who love us for what we are. Like our camp friends, who came into our life before all the drama and complexities of adult life began.

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Remember the first day of camp? You were nervous, scared, and excited. Thrown into a room with strangers, you were apprehensive about things. But slowly, you got to know each other, and found friends who will be with you lifelong.

What Makes Them So Special?

They Know You Inside Out (Literally!)

Privacy does not come on the list when camping. So basically they have seen you in old tees, tracks, with messy hair, without makeup, or maybe even naked. Basically, they just know you, truly for what you are! And yes, they love you for that as well. They don't care where you live, how rich you are, it's pure friendship without any pretensions.

You Grew Up Together

Right from awkward geeky kids to confident adults, you have traveled together, transformed together, and grown with each other.

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You have shared all those "growing up" milestones, asked each other silly questions, and pondered over life's many mysteries.

You Love Being With Them

Of course you love them. You chose your camp buddies, and always looked forward to meeting them year after year. Well, distance makes the heart grow fonder, and you just simply never could get enough of each other. Your camp friends are your best friends because you love being with them, for you know you won't be judged.

They Will Always Be There For You

You used to live together for just a couple of months, and then say goodbye with a heavy heart, but you knew you will always be there for each other.
Even after growing up, living in different countries, and getting stuck up in busy lives, you know your camp friend is just a call away. You may meet them after many days, but the bond you share is always gonna stay the same.

You Can Never Feel Awkward With Them

After all you have been through, all the stupid things you have done, there's no chance of feeling awkward around them. You can talk to them about anything and everything, right from relationships to work.

They Have Accepted Your Craziness

You have sung horrible songs in the craziest way possible during campfire, and let's not even get to your dancing skills! Yet, they have stuck to you (probably because they are as crazy as you).
Anyway, the point is they have accepted that you are a total weirdo, and they still love you. That indeed makes them the best.

You Can Always Trust Them

They are your true 3 a.m. buddies. You have shared all your little or big secrets with them, and they have never told anyone. You can always count on them, and that makes them truly special.

The Games And The Pranks

All those wonderful games, swimming sessions, team games like capture the flag or color war made camp life very exciting. The strategies you made, the intense discussions you had, brought you close to each other.
You learned how to be in a group. You fought; you said sorry. Those silly pranks you played on your friends, that you can still laugh over, made those days memorable.

Those Long Chats At Night

Remember sitting around the bonfire and talking about your dreams and aspirations?
Those were the most amazing days of your life! Nothing to worry about, no care in the world, just talking about those limitless possibilities, and sharing all you feel - about your latest crush, or family problems, or the girl you hate at school.

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All The Amazing Memories

Camp life gave you a lifetime of memories, that will stay with you forever. More importantly, it taught you how to make memories together. It wasn't just about clicking selfies or pictures then, it was about living those moments, truly living them.
Even today, when you think back, those memories and nostalgia floods the mind. Remember the last night of camp, those tearful goodbyes, and the promise to meet again.
Reasons won't be enough, but you know nobody can occupy that special place your camp friends hold in your heart. They are your best friends, period.