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Why is Mountain Biking Better Than Road Biking?

While both, mountain and road bikes have their pros and cons, which bike you want to choose totally depends on its expected usage. Here, we take a look at the various advantages that mountain biking holds over road biking, and how you could put that to use.
More control and safety
Road biking is built for speedy long distance travel, and very often other faster and bigger vehicles on the road influence your ride, putting you at risk. There are no such interruptions in mountain biking, and if you do have an accident, it is due to your own unpreparedness or overconfidence.

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Because you are more responsible for yourself, the probability of staying safe rises with mountain bikes.
Be in tune with nature
Mountain biking usually takes you away from urban settings to beautiful, remote areas, where you can enjoy the natural outdoor settings. Road biking hardly ever offers such opportunities, unless you live near the outskirts of town.
A healthier ride
Even though road biking does contribute towards one's fitness, mountain biking gives you an added advantage.

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Since mountain biking is done away from urban areas, the chance of one getting affected by vehicular or industrial pollutants is far lesser, and consequently this keeps you healthier than road biking, which is sometimes done even in heavy traffic.
Laid back buddies
Although it is true for mountain biking as well, road biking more often ends up turning into a competitive race, while mountain biking is more laid back, trying out new things with friends, and generally having fun.
A complete workout
Road biking is good for cardiovascular fitness as you pedal at a high rate for long periods of time.
However, mountain biking is much more dynamic in nature if done properly, and requires one to constantly switch between quick bursts of energy and longer cardiovascular workouts, which involves the usage of many more muscle groups.
Dirt hurts less than asphalt
Whether it is a crash into a tree or a wipe-out in the dirt, mountain biking accidents usually hurt lesser than a car crash or a fall on the pavement. Of course, the exception to this are major accidents such as a wipe-out over a 30 foot cliff. Also, the bikes are tougher, hence have lesser chances of getting damaged.
Versatile riding styles
Road riding does not really offer any versatility in terms of terrain, and often the only variation that one can make is of distance.
However, mountain biking happens on different terrain and routes, which offer a combination of different riding styles, depending on a person's preference.
Building a sense of adventure
By its nature, mountain biking is a lot about exploration and a certain amount of risk taking.
Bringing this activity into your life automatically makes one a more interesting person, where you have tales of climbing treacherous terrain, avoiding the odd wild animal, and the triumphant but dirt and blood-covered return to civilization.
Exploring remote locations
If you are a well-prepared traveler, mountain biking allows you to explore different places off the beaten track, through jungles and deserts, no matter how remote they are.

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The likelihood of other tourists reaching here is minuscule, and you can connect with the locals much more closely. If you're lucky, you might even be able to find a hidden wonder within your own city.
Within the urban environs of convenience and comfort, one can easily get complacent.
However, by adding mountain biking to the mix, the feeling of being able to get through a day expedition solely relying on yourself is very satisfying. Also, knowing how to take care of mishaps, means that you might be able to help some poor soul who doesn't, which is even better.

 Anuj Mudaliar

Tim Foster, Nick Rickert, Juan Broullon, Andrei Castanha