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Recommendations for Going Mudding With Family

When you take the family mudding...there's a few things to know!
Kevin Devoto
If you are looking for an extracurricular activity to do with your family that is a little out of the box, consider getting muddy. There is something about being dirty together that can strengthen that family bond. Not to mention, it would be nice to jump in the puddles from time to time instead of avoiding them.
Take advantage of the rain, grab the Jeep and hit the road- for this outing, there is no need to look nice. The older and rattier your clothes are the better. Here are some recommendations when you're going mudding with your family.

Wear Worn Out Shoes

You knew you kept your old tennis shoes for a reason, and that reason is mudding. You want footwear that you don't mind getting ruined, and a pair that will stay snug on your feet. Mud can grip like quicksand, so tie up those laces.
You don't want to be sloshing around barefooted. Playing in the mud is also a great excuse to break out the rain boots you only wear a couple of times a year. Grab those mismatched, holey socks, and you are good to go.

Wear Water Repellent Outerwear

When dealing with precipitation and mud, it may be a good idea to grab the kids rain jacket. Wearing long sleeves means less skin to scrub in the shower, and putting on outerwear that repels water will prevent your clothes from taking in moisture, keeping you much warmer in the process.
The more comfortable you are, the longer you can create unforgettable memories with your loved ones and avoid getting sick.

Eye Wear

With flying dirt comes the need for eye protection. Throw on your skiing goggles (even your pool goggles will do) to keep your eyes free from the grime, and to make sure the mud pie you are preparing hits the right target.
Your eyes are delicate, and an injury to your cornea can be excruciating. Steer clear of damaging your vision by safeguarding your eyes. You are already going to be wearing holey socks and shoes that have seen better days; you might as well add to the look.

Use Your Hose

After taking the family for mudding, your hose will be a great clean-up tool to have at your disposal. Instead of tracking mud all over the house, get the hose after the kids. Be sure you have gotten rid of large chunks of dirt or grass before hopping in the shower to eschew a clogged drain.
You may need to break out the hardcore spraying nozzle for this project because all the clothes will need a good power wash to be ready for next time. Try not to stress too much about the mess. The messiest occasions are the most fun!

Take Care of Your Vehicle

After you get the family cleaned up, take care of your vehicle immediately. Being proactive in rinsing the mud off your car before it hardens will help prevent chips in your paint.
There are other great pointers to getting your wheels looking new again, without worrying about any damage. Washing the mud machine may also be another fun task for the kiddos to enjoy.
Getting out and enjoying nature is a great way to spend a day with those you care about most. There are so many great memories to be made in mud, and the potential to start a new family tradition. There is no doubt that the kids will be asking if they can go again tomorrow, but the smile on their faces will be well worth the hassle.
One of the best parts about family mudding is the anticipation of the next rainstorm. Your children may be more into the weather report than ever before. Maybe they will even learn a little something about meteorology along the way. If there is anything to remember about hitting the mud with your family, it is to be sure to do it again!