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Rock Climbing Gear Checklist

Kashmira Lad
Rock climbing is an exiting sport if you wish for some chills and thrills. However, the kind of gear you choose should also assist you in the process. Read ahead to know more about it.
What does one do when in the need for some thrills and adventure? Well, not every one of us can live the life of James Bond and go globetrotting to discover new excitements of every kind! Therefore, adventure sports is what we can turn to. This enables a person to challenge himself/herself and discover new adventures in the bargain.
Rock climbing, as a sport, has become extremely popular. It brings a person in close contact with nature, which subsequently helps discover new terrain. 
The many wonders in the wild can be seen with exciting mountain expeditions. Indoor rock climbing is an equally popular sport, where one does not really have to battle with the various moods of nature!
However, if you are planning to go outdoors, your trip can never be complete without the appropriate gear. Before you begin, always remember to practice with a professional, and ensure that you have received coaching at the hands of an expert.


Slings can be found in a variety of materials. These are slung over the shoulder, and it would always be a better bet to pick a versatile piece. Look for lightweight slings, which prove to be easier to knot.


Ropes are an obvious and important part of rock climbing. There are various types of climbing ropes available at sport stores. Single ropes are the kind that suits many conditions.
Twin ropes are used only in pairs. These give added safety to the climber. Apart from this, one will also come across half ropes, which are meant for safety and should be used in pairs. The kind of rope you select would depend upon the purpose it is going to be used for.

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These are metal clips that come with a spring, are quite strong, and are essential for rock climbing. Aluminum carabiners are the most preferred types in terms of the material used, because they are lightweight.

Climbing Harnesses

Climbing harnesses are available in various styles. The chest harness is used as an additional support along with the other types of harnesses.

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The sit harness is basically worn at the hip area. It gives added security to the climber. Apart from these, one will also come across a full-body harness, which helps the climber stay upright. Overall, climbing harnesses give added security.

Belay Devices

These devices are useful to protect a climber in case of a fall. It holds the ropes of the climber. One can find many types of this gear.


Helmets are a very important part of safety equipment. Always select an appropriate one. This would depend upon the nature of your rock climbing activity.

Footwear and Shoes

Choosing an appropriate pair of shoes can make all the difference in any activity, especially in climbing. Hence, wearing the right kind of shoes can assist your performance.
Edging shoes are the kind that have added support to help a climber particularly when he/she ends up putting more weight of the body on one toe. It is stiff and is crafted to protect the feet. They have a thin sole, aimed to help the climber maintain grip on thin footholds. Always ensure the fit is right to have a strong grip on any surface.

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The kind of clothing you wear is very important while hiking or mountaineering. This will help you enjoy your activity to the fullest! This exciting sport is bound to get your adrenaline rushing. However, always ensure you have followed all the safety rules to have an enjoyable, exciting, and safe time!