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Rope Climbing Techniques

Rope climbing can be fun as well as a good exercise for the entire body. Here's more on the different techniques, which will help improve your rope climbing abilities.
Debopriya Bose
Rope climbing is an excellent form of exercise that helps work out every part of one's body. Not only does it strengthen the muscles, but it also increases stamina.
Rope climbing has been practiced by soldiers and combat athletes for over thousands of years, because it is a simple and effective form of exercise. Not only that, you never know when it might just help you save your own or someone else's life.

PE Style

In this method, you need to grab the rope with both hands, one below the other. Then place your legs around the rope, so that the rope goes in between the thighs. The feet should be placed in a way so that one foot is in front of the rope and the other is behind it. Now, pull the body up, so that the chest reaches the level of the hands.
Let the rope slide down between your legs. Maintain the position of the feet as already mentioned. Once this step has been achieved, the rope needs to be squeezed with the feet. Then reach your hands up one at a time and grasp the rope at a higher level.
Loosen your grip on the rope with your legs and pull your body up again. Repeat this step to cover the required distance.

Brake and Squat Method

Grab the rope with both the hands and then bend your legs. Place the rope between your legs, so that it goes around the inner thigh between the legs, and then twists around the knee and calf on the outer side of one of the legs, and then runs across the top of the shoe of the same leg.
The foot of the free leg should be placed on the rope where it passes over the top of the other leg. Press firmly on the rope at this point with your free foot. Push yourself up by straightening the legs. At the same time, stretch out the hands to grab the rope at a higher level. This step needs to be repeated to climb higher.

Climbing a Single Rope Without Using Legs

This is for those in the advanced level of learning rope climbing. Hold the rope with both hands. Pull yourself up a little and release the grip on the rope with one hand to re-grasp the rope 6 to 12 inches higher.
Pull yourself up with the hand at the higher level, and at the same time release the grip with the lower hand, and extend it to reach the rope at a distance of 6 to 12 inches. While you climb up using your hands, your legs should dangle straight.

Climbing Two Ropes Without Using the Legs

This method is practiced to climb two ropes that are placed side-by-side. Grasp one rope with one hand and the other rope with the other hand. Then, while leaning towards one rope, pull yourself up by folding the hand with which you are holding this rope.
Release the grip on the other rope, and quickly re-grasp the rope a few inches higher. Now, repeat the process with the other hand.

A Word of Caution

Rope climbing is a strenuous exercise. It can also be dangerous. Initially, one should practice climbing a rope up to lower levels. This is because, the same distance has to be climbed back down too.
The ropes can bruise one's legs and hands. So, investing in a good pair of boots and wearing pants that covers one's legs should be considered to avoid getting cuts and bruises.
The various techniques discussed so far are easy and can be mastered in a short time with regular practice. However, it always helps to know one's limits and follow safety rules every time you practice rope climbing.