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Saltwater Fishing Reels and Knots

Medha Godbole
Those who adore fishing as a hobby, and want to explore saltwater fishing, which is a bit different from freshwater or lake fishing, get information here. It needs to be done using different equipment as well. Read about different saltwater fishing reels and knots.

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Those who often go fishing, are surely well acquainted with the tricks of the trade. It needs a lot of patience and perseverance, as even after a day's hard work at the lake, you cannot guarantee a catch. It may take minutes, sometimes hours, and sometimes yield no results at all.
Saltwater fishing is no different from lake fishing, except that the equipment used in the former is especially designed for this activity. Read to know more about the various tools.

Saltwater Reels

Fly Reel

Fly reels have always been simple and effective, and have now been made better with time, with improved reels and drags, for dealing with larger fish.
These reels have manual, single-action designs. They are usually bigger in diameter, which provides them with a large line and support ability, especially needed for fishing in the ocean.
As saltwater reels are more prone to corrosion, aerospace aluminum frames and spools, stainless steel components, sealed and waterproof bearings and drives, etc., are used for their construction.

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Spinning Reel

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The reels which involve a fixed spool are called spinning reels or fixed spool reels, and are mounted below the fishing rod. These reels were introduced to facilitate the use of artificial flies and other baits for trout and salmon, as these are too light to be cast by baitcasting reels. Spinning reels are perfect for fly fishing.

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Baitcasting Reel

In this type, a bearing supports the revolving spool that holds the reel which is mounted above the rod.
This type of reel works by moving the rod backwards, followed by a forward snapping. Big game reel is a type of baitcasting reel used for fishing heavy saltwater fish, like sailfish, tuna, marlin, and sharks.

Spincast reel

A member of the spinning reel family, the spin cast reel is a reel with a fixed spool. These are traditionally mounted above the rod, and have an external 'nose', that protects the fixed spool. Just like the spin reel, it has the ability to cast a lighter bait.

Saltwater Fishing Knots

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Snell Knots

Snell knots are the strongest fishing knots and hardly require any time to tie. They improve the catch rates. They are connected to the shaft and pass through the eye of the hook. It is a type of hitch knot.

Blood Knot

These knots are used to join two lines. It is one of the easiest and most popular knots in the fishing world.

Uni Knot

It is supposed to be the best knots for tying a leader to a swivel. It is a multipurpose knot, and along with a swivel, it is also used for joining lines and attaching lures and snaps.
Apart from these, crimped joins, braid loop, clinch, new uni knot with catspaw, are a few other knots used in saltwater fishing. You could also use other equipment like fishing rigs, which are attachments meant for the lure and are attached to the line. Texas rig, two hook pilchard rigs, and sliding rigs, are a few examples.
Just as the equipment varies for saltwater and freshwater fishing, so do the types of boats. Special saltwater fishing boats like center console, deck boats, flatboats, inboard cruisers, sport fishing boats, and multi-hull cruisers are excellent for family or sport fishing.