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Skiing Tricks

Priya Johnson
For those who want to step up the level of skiing and do some more adventure, here are some skiing tricks that one can try out in midair. These tricks will definitely take your exuberance and skill to a totally different level.

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Snow capped peaks and well blanketed slopes beckon us to a time of adventure, frolic and excitement. Feeling the gush of air on your face and blazing a defiant trail as you go skiing on the well-dressed slopes is truly a mind-blowing experience!

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However, snow skiing is not just about putting on warm, colorful ski suits and a pair of skis and heading off to race the snow-covered slopes.

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There's a lot more involved! Factors like safety, skiing techniques, etc. need to be learned before heading for the slopes. Without preparation you will end up flat on your face.

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Beginner's Skiing Tricks

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Here we are assuming you are already aware of the basics that go into skiing. Basics on how to fall, get up, snowplow and basic navigation skills such as side slipping, herringbone, kickturns, etc. are clear.

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Moreover, you should also be aware of standard ski jump, spread eagle, daffy, and helicopter skiing tricks.

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Once you have the basic techniques mastered, some practice and skill will help you navigate the snowy slopes faster and with more freedom. To add some more challenge and excitement to the sport, let's have a look at some freestyle skiing tricks that will raise the bar of fun and frolic in the air.

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5 Freestyle Skiing Tricks


In this aerial maneuver, one needs to focus specially on the execution of a 360 degree turn in midair and a smooth landing. In this freestyle trick, as one takes off, one needs to move the head and shoulder in direction of the turn.
The rest of the body will follow. Grabbing the tail and pulling it into your spin, look over your left shoulder and spot the landing. Prepare yourself to land and absorb the impact.


Want to try a split in midair? Well, then daffy is the trick for you. In this trick with moderate speed one heads to the lip of a jump and once in midair, you put one leg in front and the other at the back, to do the split. Then putting your legs in original position, you get to spot your landing and land.
Make sure when you do a split, the jump takes you high above the ground so that your skis do not touch the snow when you do the split. However, before attempting a daffy, make sure you have mastered jumps.

Tail Grab

This skiing trick involves grabbing the tail of one ski in midair. In a tail grab, you take off with moderate speed, reach the lip of the jump and jump into midair. Once you're in midair, cross your skis and grab the tail of your left ski with your right hand.
The fact that you have crossed your skis makes it simpler for you to touch the opposite ski. Then bring your legs to original position and land safely.


If you're still in for some more adventure in midair, try the backscratcher! In this skiing trick, you move your skis behind yourself in such a manner that the tails are in proximity to your back. For carrying out this interesting trick, take off with moderate speed. Once you reach the lip of the jump, bend your knees.
Have your skis positioned at your sides. Once in midair, bend your knees further and stretch out your hand and skis behind you, such that the tail is close to your back. Lean backwards and complete the backscratcher position. Then straighten out your legs and spot your landing position. Land safely by bending your knees to minimize the impact.

Iron Cross

This is another popular ski trick that consists of crossing the skis as one reaches midair. Before trying out this trick, it is important to check the height of the jump from the ground.
You need to ensure that once you jump you attain enough height without having your skis caught in the blanket of the snow beneath. This trick is similar to the backscratcher, except that here the heels or ski tails are crossed in midair.

List of Other Freestyle Skiing Tricks

  • 360 Safety Grab
  • 540 Tail Grab
  • Mute Grab
  • Backflip
  • Backflip Mute Grab
  • Half Cab Mute Grab
  • Under Flip
  • Rocket Air
  • Spread Eagle
  • Flair in the Pipe
  • Zudnick
  • Cossack / Kosak
  • Fakie 180
  • Twister
  • Lincoln Loop
  • Lincoln Loop 180
  • Switch Corked 720
  • Flatspin
  • Alley Oop
  • Alley Oop Flatspin 540
Skiing is truly a challenging, fascinating and intriguing sport. Get beginners lessons on skiing tips and tricks, and practice them diligently. Then move onto these freestyle skiing tricks to have the ultimate skiing experience. The best part about skiing is that irrespective of which level of skiing you are at, you always have the time of your life!