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Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tips

Aarti R
Fishing tips help to increase the chances of catching fish. Here is the best ways to catch and find a smallmouth bass fish.
Smallmouth bass are usually found near certain objects like rocks, weeds, and other things present in the water. However, they are not as weed-oriented as the largemouths are. These fish are found deeper in the water as compared to the largemouth. Their nature and personality depend upon the competition in the water.

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In lakes with high competition, the smallmouths are very aggressive, while with low competition they are picky eaters and are very exacting about what they eat. The smaller fish are more aggressive in comparison to the larger ones.
The smaller type are found in shallower waters, and the large ones are found deep inside the water. These freshwater fish are usually caught at the bottom of the lake, however they can be caught at the surface as well.

Tips and Tricks


✦ These fish love live bait more than an artificial one. Their favorite is live worms.

✦ This type of bass prefers top water bait. However, the lake must be very still.

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✦ The bait will dive deeper into the water and the smallmouth will follow it, so you must be prepared and cover a large area. Place the fishing lure on the shore about 15 yards out.
✦ This bass is affected by the phases of the moon. Hence, you must keep the moon phases and the time you plan to go fishing in mind. Research the exact phase of the moon. This will surely increase your chances of catching some fish.

✦ Small crank baits work well. But, the live baits work better than the small baits.
✦ On windy and sunny days, these fish are at the top of the shoal. When it is windy, they move to the back of the shoals where the waves hit the rocks on the shore. You can cast your fishing lures because this bass will be in the shallow waters. In order to catch a large sized bass, you have to try with a big hook and a light live worm--like a minnow.
✦ On hot days, the smallmouths hide in thick weeds, so search for them near these.

✦ These fish go deep inside the water on rainy days and when there is a low pressure belt. They don't usually feed when it rains, so there are less chances of finding one. Which is why you have to plan fishing in deeper waters.