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Specialized Hardrock Mountain Bikes

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Specialized Hardrock mountain bikes, often abbreviated as MTBs or ATBs, are known for their capabilities to climb and descent almost all types of terrains.

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Mountain bikes are designed in such a manner that they are able to climb slopes, trails, unpaved paths, etc. Manufacturers integrate new technologies and production techniques to improve them.
There are basically 4 variants of these bikes:
  • Fully Rigid: This specialized Hardrock has a fully rigid structure with the frame of a basic MTB. It forms the basis for the other models.
  • Hard Tail Terrain: It has a front suspension and a rigid back frame. This type is comparatively easy and cheap to produce and also provides a reasonable comfort to the rider.
  • Soft Tail Terrain: The soft tail terrain is the one that has a rear and front suspension. This type of bicycle is used by most of the people participating in all terrain biking sports.
  • Dual and Full Suspension: The dual suspension or the full suspension bike has a totally different frame geometry. It is very expensive and used by professional riders.

Geometry of Frame

The secret of a 'Hardrock' lies in the frame. The frame is the deciding factor of the bike's weight and comfort level. The suspensions, shock absorbers, wheels, seat and handle bar are directly mounted upon the frame. Hence, the efficiency delivered is directly affected by the manufacture and design of the frame.

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Suspension is another major factor and it must be flexible, upright and have a good weight carrying capacity. It must be made with max. precision and effective machining.
The suspension directly affects the motion of the bicycle over rough terrains. Its flexibility gives the rider comfort and also absorbs friction created due to the unevenness of the ground.


Mountain biking is a very risky sport and hence, it becomes extremely important to have control. The manufacturers have taken into consideration some very simple and prevalent principles of physics and have developed the concept of disc brakes.
The disk brakes reduce the velocity of the bicycle gradually and safely. In comparison to conventional brakes, disc brakes are more efficient and guarantee a safe and complete halt within a short period of time.
Before purchasing a specialized Hardrock, assess what kind of terrain you are going to travel upon. Never compromise on your own safety and keep tuning the brakes periodically. Last but not the least, always wear a helmet when you ride.