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Fun Summer Camp Games

Mayuri Kulkarni

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A summer camp is incomplete without its games and activities. Here are some fun summer camp games. Read on to know more.
Summer camp is a great vacation activity for children and teenagers. It is basically arranged for cultural and educational development of children. Other than trekking, camping, and other educational activities, games are an inevitable part of summer camps.

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These are generally group and team-building games that help to inculcate qualities like good teamwork, sense of belonging towards the group members, and leadership in children.
So, if you are going for a camp this vacation, then you can suggest these games to your counselor.


This is one of the best games to play at a summer camp, especially for kids who belong to the age group of 8 years and above. The rules of this game are quite simple and it requires a large group of kids to play. Before starting the game, choose two players from the group. These two players will be the octopuses.
Now, these octopuses will stand in the center of the playing area and remaining campers will stand at one side. The coach or the counselor of the campers blows the whistle and signals the octopuses to catch the campers. The campers have to run in the playing area and have to avoid getting caught by the octopuses.
Any camper who is caught by an octopus has to sit down and becomes a see weed. The caught camper or the sea weed is not allowed to move from the place, but he/she can tag other campers with help of hands, if they run by their side. The game continues and the player who is not caught till the end is the winner.

Alaskan Baseball

If you want to play team-building games, then you should surely play this one. It is considered to be one of the best camping games for kids. To play this, divide the campers into two teams with equal number of players in each team. Name the teams as A and B, and hand over a ball to player of one team. The team with the ball forms a circle.
Suppose the ball is given to a player of team A. Now, the team A player who holds the ball throws it as far as possible. He/she then runs around the circle and calls out the names of the campers in the order of the circle.
When he/she completes one circle, the team A scores one run. Meanwhile, the team B members run to chase the thrown ball and form a line behind the person who has chased the ball. Then, the ball is to be passed from one player to another, between the legs.
When the ball reaches the last person in the line, he has to run and hand it over to the first person. The first person then shouts and team A stops making the runs. Now, team A and B have to reverse the tasks, and the team which makes maximum runs wins the game.


When you want to play fun games with high activity, then you should go for relays where the fastest team wins. Typhoon is one such water game with loads of fun and excitement. First, divide the campers in two teams with equal number of players. One member from each team sits on the ground at the other end of the playing area.
Then, take two large buckets, fill them with water, and place them at the other end of the field. The teams will stand in a line behind their respective buckets. Now, the first player of each team dips a cup in the bucket and runs towards the player sitting at the other side of the field.
When the player reaches the other team member, he/she throws the water on him and shouts, "Typhoon". The players then exchange their positions and the drenched player runs with the empty bucket towards the next player in the line. The game continues in similar manner and team who gets all the members through the relay wins the game.
These were some cool games for you to include in your list of summer camp activities. So, collect the equipment required for playing these games and have fun at the camp!