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How to Repair a Surfboard

Suketu Mehta
Doing a repair job on your surfboard all by yourself does help in saving time and money. It's always thought to be a difficult process, and thus, ignored by most. Here are a few steps which would make it easier for you.
When it comes to surfing, a surfboard is absolutely indispensable. Waves in the ocean are fluffy and soft, and you are sure about not damaging your surfboard there. However, damages are sure to happen in the rocky patch between the ocean and the beach.
The fiberglass coating gets disrupted when banged against any hard objects like rocks, resulting in a ding. Another major cause of a damaged surfboard is the back and forth journey you undertake from your house to the beach. In either case, you need to repair the board, and make it usable again.
Surf shops provide fixing services, but you will have to leave your board there for a few days and it also could turn out to be a costly affair. Instead, you can mend it yourself, at virtually no cost.

Material Required

Before you begin, the most important thing you need is a repair kit. It is not expensive and should be easily available at any local store. The kit includes resin, fiberglass cloth, and a catalyst. Apart from this, you will require:
  • Sandpaper
  • Razor blade
  • Hair dryer
  • Pair of scissors
  • Masking tape

Step 1

Examine your surfboard closely and mark out places which require repair. Clear out areas around the ding to isolate it. Do this by scrapping off any sand or wax accumulated around the ding. With the help of a sandpaper, gently sand out adjoining areas around the ding. Use a cloth to clear away the dust.

Step 2

Pick up a razor blade to cut off the damaged fiberglass from the surface. Use sandpaper to rub it on all the rough edges of the fiberglass which is remaining. In case the foam inside the ding is moist, you will have to wait till it dries completely. Use a hair dryer which will help dry it out quickly. To ensure that no resin falls onto any other areas on the surfboard, mark the area around the ding with a masking tape.

Step 3

The repair kit comes with fiberglass cloth. With the help of a pair of scissors, cut out a piece from this cloth, which should be large enough to cover the entire damaged area. In a plastic cup, pour resin as per your requirement and add to it some drops of catalyst.

Step 4

Once the resin is hard, pour the mixture onto the ding, covering the entire damaged area. Place the already cut cloth over the resin mixture. The cloth will ensure that the resin sticks to the ding. No resin should go outside the outline you made with the masking tape. Leave the surfboard this way for a couple of hours and then check it. The entire ding should be covered, and the resin applied should be hard and hot.

Step 5

Use dry sandpaper to sand the ding gently. Do not overdo the sanding part, as it could take out the resin making the damage areas re-surface. Also, make sure that you do not rub sandpaper on areas other than the ding, as the existing fiberglass could be damaged. Using a wet sandpaper at this juncture is a good idea. Your job is now over and you can happily go surf once again.

Average Repair Costs

The repair cost depends on the level of damage on the board. If there are few dings and you decide to do the it yourself, then your cost will be minimum as you will only have to purchase a new kit.
It costs around US $20. But if the damage is major, you might have to get your board fixed from a professional. This could turn out to be expensive, depending upon the dings on the board.
Use these simple tips to repair dings whenever you notice any. This will prevent any major damage, and you can use the surfboard for a longer time.