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Surmount the Tallest Mountain in South America - Mount Aconcagua!

Swarali Jambhale
The highest peak outside Himalayas, the pride of Andes, Mount Aconcagua stands 22,840 feet tall! Clearly the highest point in the Western and Southern Hemisphere... but, to your surprise, this lofty summit is easier than you think!
Aconcagua has its place in the Mendoza Province, Argentina. The pretty land of wine and adventure is a good start to the climb!

Where is Aconcagua?

No one knows how this former volcano got its name... guesses are still being made!

Origin of the Name - Unknown!

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First Recorded Ascent!

Edward FitzGerald made 8 failed attempts between 1896-1897, but his Swiss guide Matthias Zurbriggen made it to the top on January 14 1897, making the first recorded ascent!
Francois Bon in 2008 descended from Aconcagua South Face with speed flying in just 4 minutes 50 seconds!

You Too Can Plan This!

Total Attempts?

In the high seasons around December 15th to January 31st, around 3,500 climbers tackle Aconcagua every year.

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The Inexperienced are Welcome

Mt Aconcagua is probably the highest non-technical peak on Earth! You won’t even require ropes, axes or pins!
The most famed one and the easiest with just no technical issues takes you to the top within 18-20 days!

“The Normal Route”

60% success rate of ascents is reported by the Provincial Park! That’s more like it!

Success Rate - Pretty Good!

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Climbers Need to Know!

In summers, at night above 5,000 m it’s -20°C and at the summit it's frosting -30°C!

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Mountain of Death?

Till now, Aconcagua has seen over 140 deaths with causes of death as altitude sickness, heart attacks etc..!

Fernando Garrido – The Hero

To prove that all these are mind games…. this Spanish trekker managed to stay at the summit in -60°C cold with 200 km/h of strong winds for 66 days!