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Surprising Underwater Caves in The World

Maya Pillai
The underwater caves are found around the world. However, their formation and appearance varies according to their environment.
While caves in warmer sea waters are  home to coral reefs, the caves in the ice cold waters have less sea life in them.
Underwater caves also known as cenotes (pronounced say-noh-tays) are actually limestone and gypsum sinkholes.
Underwater caves are amazing formations that should be there on every snorkeler and scuba diver's bucket list.
Orda Cave in Russia
The longest gypsum cave in Russia measuring over 16,000ft.
It is also the largest underwater gypsum in the world. It boasts of pristine waters, crystalline overhangs and cathedral like galleries.
The gypsum interiors are fragile and the water temperature is very low. Therefore, only experienced divers are allowed to visit this site.
Gran Cenote Cave, Mexico
It is the longest underwater cave system in the world. It was discovered only in 2018 in Yucantan Peninsula.
The new discovery revealed that two previous flood caves have been merged to form one 215 mile long stretch.
Casa Cenote, Mexico
This is a series of underwater caves in near Tulum. The water is incredibly clear water. This allows the snorkelers and divers to see the underwater beauty clearly.
Kuredu Caves, Maldives
A paradise for recreational scuba divers, there are 60 caves here.
The caverns are home to green turtles, balloon fish, Manta rays, angel fish and more. It's an eye candy for the scuba divers here.
Cathedral Cove Sea Cave, New Zealand
This underwater cave is located in the Coromandel. Clear waters and golden sand beach are the highlights here.
The visitors can book a boat tour or go kayaking to explore the sea caves.
Grotto Azzurra, Italy
Lovingly called Blue Grotto, this sea cave was once a private natural pool of the Roman Emperor Tiberius.
Visitors use a small rowboat to navigate this save cave. Whole place is illuminated by a turquoise glow emitted from the water.
Great Blue Hole, Belize
It is the world's largest natural underwater sinkable hole off the coast of Belize City. Scuba divers frequent this 400 ft deep sinkable home to explore the stalactites and gorgeous coral formations.
Mimoso Cave, Brazil
This cave is full of mysterious cone-like underwater formations. Mimoso caves are located near Mato Grosso do Sul.
Namena Marine Reserve, Fiji
Namena Caves lay between the islands Viti Levu and Vanua Levu.
Squirrelfish or soldier fish are the residents of the underwater caves here. There are about 70 species of this tropical reef fish.
Divers many a time have come across a  shoal of neon fusilier fish.
Lake Sassolo, Switzerland
An underground ice cave that is close to the Italian border and is in proximity to the Alps. This could be reason for the ice cave formation here.
Thanks to the seasoned underwater photographers and experienced divers who are willing to share their exploration details and experiences we are able to enjoy the beauty of the nature from the comforts of our homes.