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Tarpon Fishing Tips

Kundan Pandey
Considered as one of the most challenging and exciting fish to catch, the tarpon fish is unique in its own way. It is a popular sport fish and is extremely difficult to catch. Here is some pointers on how to deal with this stubborn kind.
Tarpon fish, nicknamed as 'silver king', is one of the most fascinating fish to catch. If fishing is your hobby, then tarpon fish can pose as the biggest challenge for you. Why is it such a challenge? What makes it so difficult to catch?
The answer is, its size. Its heavy weight and large size, makes the tarpon fish tough to catch. These fish grow to as much as 300 pounds, and can reach a remarkable length of 2-2.5 meters. Their endurance, swiftness, resistive capability, and jumping tactics, make them the ultimate choice for sports fishing.

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Tarpon fish will give you a tough fight before they give up. So, consider yourself as a good fisher if you do manage to catch one. What gives these fish such amazing levels of endurance and power?
Tarpon fish are one of the few species of fish that are blessed with a swim bladder, which is a pseudo respiratory organ, and aids them in respiration and buoyancy. It also increases their oxygen consumption capacity, and so, they can hold fights for a longer period.

Tarpon Fishing Guide

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► Start with the types of hooks that can help you gain better control over the tarpon fish. An important thing to remember is the hook's size. Also, the gaps in the hook must be wide enough to properly fit in the jaws of the fish. One of the best hooks for tarpon fishing are circular hooks. Always look out for a circular hook with at least half an inch gap.

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► Another option you can consider is that of fly fishing for tarpons. Many companies and fishermen own a fly fishing charter and provide them on rent, charging you on an hourly basis. Bay boats and flat boats, that have the facility to mount trolling motors, are the best vehicles for tarpon fishing.
► Avoid sharp and pointed fishing gear. 

► The fisher should be assisted by an expert, so that the fish is not mistreated or manhandled while it is being caught.

► The angling techniques for tarpon fish must be handled deftly.
Have a look at some more tips

► Don't fix the drag too harshly. Many fishers make this mistake of angling the drag too tightly for catching the tarpon fish. Maintain the drag at an appropriate level, as knots have the tendency to weaken the line.

► Tarpons will surely give you a tough fight, and it is advisable to let them do so for sometime.
► If the tarpon is very heavy and you find obstacles in your line of fishing, try using a better, heavier line and tag it with the help of your boat.

► Good, secure, and tight knots are necessary to catch these fish, so make it a point to learn to tie good knots.
► Always work aggressively with the team members to get the tarpon under control.

► The boat operator must watch the position and line of the boat and adjust it with respect to the position of the tarpon in the water.

These were just some tips that can prove helpful in catching tarpons. Have fun and be safe!