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The Thrilling Story of Aaron Peterson at the Michigan Ice Fest

John Savio

World Attracts Ice Climbers

Last week it was fifty degrees in several components of the state on its phase change. However, within the Upper Peninsula, phase change could be a sensitive issue for individual adventuresome souls.

Aaron Peterson's New Story

The arenaceous rock cliffs in Munising, Michigan, rise two hundred feet on top of the lake, and through the winter, the world attracts ice climbers.
Marquette resident Aaron Peterson is the director, editor, and lensman of the new film The Michigan Ice Film. The film takes a glance at mountain climbing culture in Munising, home to one of the world's largest concentrations of climbable ice and also the nation's oldest mountain climbing pageant, the ice climbing michigan.

Cold and Rising Frozen Falls

Many folks might recoil at the thought of grip the cold and rising frozen falls, however, Peterson tells that few of us, it's associate expertise not like the other.
"Some of those folks are crazy. However, you recognize what, there's a 30-year history of mountain climbing, and it's not for the faint of heart. However, there's a tribe of winter out there that need to check themselves, and Munising and also the Upper Peninsula is the place to try and do that within the Midwest," he says.
Peterson tells, that since it started the late '80s, the Michigan Ice Fest within the U.P. has been a beautiful scene for first-time climbers. "I wanted to show the way of life here ... the flavor of the people, the flavor of the land, it's different."


"A heap of the western festivals concentrates on intermediate to advanced climbers. The Michigan Ice Fest could be an at ease, family reunion-style, you know, there's a great deal of brew, a lot of slideshows and opportunities for people that have not done this before, don't have any instrumentality," Peterson says.
"For $45, you get on a rope, and you learn from the most effective of the business. It's superb. I did it myself." Peterson has spent the last three winters motion-picture photography for The Michigan Ice Film.  Whereas rising will take a central focus, Peterson needs audiences to urge additional out of the film than the joys of the climb.

Method of Life

He's lived in Marquette for over a decade and desires to share a little bit of the U.P. culture and method of life with the globe. "I live here, you know, and these square measure my friends and my neighbors, and there's the way of life here. I used to be not interested in creating an upcoming film.
That's not what I do. I build folk's films. I wished this to be a movie of individuals and place, and exploitation rising as a vehicle to require it dead set the globe," he says. "I wished to point out the method of life here as guided missile Elias says within the film, the flavor of the folks, the flavor of the land. It's completely different."

True Culture

"In the homogenization of the contemporary world, the U.P. stands out as still a relic, you know, an area wherever there's true culture. Albeit unconventional, and albeit northern, it's a real culture that's still untouched by the skin world."
Peterson tells North American country The Michigan ice film can premiere at this year's Michigan Ice Fest on Feb thirteen, in Munising's Mather area.